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Third Person POV:

After talking with Y/N telepathically, Jungkook was practically fuming.

It didn't matter if Yoongi was his hyung or not, it was still wrong of him to send an employee--especially their soulmate--to the Marketing Department. What was he thinking?

Though he wanted to confront Yoongi right there and then, he still had a lot of paperwork to handle. So, he pulled out his trump card.

"Taehyung hyung, are you busy?" Jungkook thought, contacting with Taehyung.

"No. Wae?" Taehyung asked.

"I need to go to Yoongi hyung but I have a lot to take care of. Can you cover for me?" Jungkook pleaded.

Silence settled in as Taehyung thought about it.

Jungkook smirked as he pulled out the jackpot prize for his trump card, "I'll give you cuddles."

"Make that 5 cuddles. And give me your desert at dinner," Taehyung ordered.

The younger laughed, "Sold. Now get over here."

When Taehyung came, Jungkook thanked him and headed off to Yoongi's office.

He knocked the secret passcode they shared as soulmates.

"Come in," said Yoongi's voice.

"Hyung..." Jungkook peeked in.

"Ah, yes, Jungkook?" Yoongi asked, not even batting an eye as he signed applications and signatures on all the approved business proposals of the Sales Department.

Jungkook walked in. "Hyung, did you really have to assign Y/N to the Marketing Department?"

"So you heard about it."

"Yes," Jungkook answered. "It's too dangerous for her to stay in that department. The last time our employees conducted research there..." He didn't finish his sentence.

Yoongi sighed and folded his hands together. "So...what do you want me to do about it? Jungkook, we're running low on employees. There are still millions of Odds out there, getting death threats and drowning under all the unfair debts the government is giving them. I'm just saying...they need our help."

"I see your point, hyung, but why does it have to be Y/N?" Jungkook reasoned.

"Because she knows how Odds feel better than we do. She knows the hardship and the mistreatment better than anyone else. Plus, she's good at making websites. And..." Yoongi paused, chuckling. "Y/N's strong-willed. Jin hyung told me so. She'd do anything to get the job done. With her around, I'm sure the Marketing Department office would get much more interesting."

Jungkook huffed. "It was up to me, I would've assigned Y/N to a different department."

"You can't. I'm in charge of that. And I say no." Yoongi said, smiling that gummy smile that Jungkook couldn't say no to.

"Well, it's your decision, hyung. As long as we stop death threats from reaching her." Jungkook decided.

"Deal," Yoongi agreed. 

"Hyung!" A voice called out. The door opened and Jimin walked in.

Yoongi scrunched his nose. "Yah, why is everyone barging into my office, I'm busy."

"Where's Jin hyung?" Jimin asked, ignoring what he said.

"He went back to the mansion early. He's not feeling well," Jungkook answered, wondering why he looked so mad. Then he saw his hyung's rings, all glowing. His eyes widened.

"Did you bond with Y/N?" He asked him.

Jimin nodded. "Just a while ago." Then he turned to Yoongi. "Yah, hyung, why did you just let Jin hyung go? He could've just stayed in the medical clinic to get some rest, why did he have to go back home?"

Yoongi looked up, a shocked look on his face. "Yah...what are you getting mad at me for? It was his decision to go home, I didn't tell him anything, he just left."

Jungkook tried to read Jimin's mind for the millionth time, but didn't succeed, naturally, of course. Out of all their soulmates, Y/N was the only one he could read--but even that was starting to become pretty vague and useless, too. When the time came for the two of them to bond, he wouldn't get to read her thoughts anymore.

Yoongi sighed and turned his attention to arranging the scattered papers all across his desk instead. "Why do you need Jin hyung anyway?"

Jungkook saw Jimin hesitate, then spoke, "Y/N's hurt. I need Jin to heal her."

"How hurt?" Jungkook asked, becoming tense.

"Kinda bad, but I helped her bandage it anyway." Jimin answered, averting his eyes, and they all received guilt feelings coming from him. Jungkook knew he did that whenever he was trying to hide something from them. He was about to ask what it was, when someone burst through the door again.

Yoongi huffed. "Does no one know personal space?"

The three watched as Hoseok walked towards them. "Did someone clean the Marketing Department? The hole is fixed, and there aren't any papers anymore..." He smiled. "Wow, did someone finally move in?"

"Yes, Y/N did," Jungkook replied, folding his arms.

"What?" Hoseok asked. His surprised reaction caused the thunderclouds outside to rumble a little. "What-- How-- Why--" Then his eyes landed on Yoongi. "Hyung, how could you assign Y/N to that department?"

"Wow, so all of you are blaming me for assigning Y/N to that department? Would you prefer her to get stressed and buried under all the tasks and projects the Sales Department offers?" Yoongi reasoned, waving his arm through the air.

Hoseok folded his arms too, and pouted. "Well, at least in the Sales Department, she would be perfectly safe."

Jungkook looked at Jimin, eyebrows raised. "By the way, where is Y/N?"

"She's in the medical clinic," he answered. Suddenly, as if he got an idea, he started walking out the door. "Thanks for all the help, Yoongi hyung, I'll be going out now."

As Jimin walked out the door, Yoongi sighed, removing his glasses. "What does he mean 'help', he just shouted at me."

Hoseok, who was now in a better mood, patted his hyung on the shoulder. "It's okay, hyung. At least Y/N's successfully in a department now."

Jungkook scratched his head furiously. "She's also successfully in danger." And with that, he walked out the door too.

"Hoseok, what's going on? Why are all of us getting into more and more arguments nowadays? If we found our soulmate, then we should be happy right? But instead, it's just the opposite," Yoongi said, compiling all the documents into a neat file.

The younger squeezed him into a big hug, giving out comforting waves. Hopefully, it reached everyone who was in distress. "Should we go on a trip, then?"

"A trip?"

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