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I could barely sleep last night.

I wasn't used to receiving feedback from Seokjin's emotions, and in my case, I was being attacked with a bundle of emotions.

Good grace, was this what Seokjin felt all the times I felt nervous, scared or excited?

Anyway, it all started when I had reached my apartment.

I felt my chest getting tighter and tighter, and I realized that it wasn't coming from me, it was coming from Jin. And then the panic filled my lungs.

Leaning against the doorframe of my apartment, I struggled to catch my breath, and almost immediately, it went away.

I wondered if Jin was alright, and if he had told them already. It was worrying me.

When I went inside, I felt a wave of relief and happiness wash over me again. Jin had mood swings too, I guess...

After that, I was pretty from all my misadventures since that morning, so I decided to turn in early and take a nice shower. Anyway, I still had to wake up early tomorrow so I wouldn't be late.

I admired my now glowing ring. Back then, I never dreamed I'd get to see one of my rings glow like this. And to think that I finally found my missing soulmates. It's a relief.

But while I was brushing my teeth, I felt my heart beat faster, and I felt waves of appreciation and reassurance watch over me. I felt cheerful and enthusiastic emotions pass through me, like a shockwave--and I wasn't really used to being an enthusiast. I tried to tone down Seokjin's feedback of emotions, but it was tickling me too hard, I was crying out of laughter.

Finally, after laughing and crying like an idiot in the shower, I dried my hair. From the notifications popping out from my phone, Jeongyeon and the girls were having an ongoing video call in our group chat. I couldn't wait to tell them the incredible news.

"There she is!" Nayeon announced, as my face popped up next to theirs.

"Y/N! Girl~! How was your first day of work?" Jihyo asked me.

I casually lifted my hand to dry my hair, purposely letting them see my glowing ring. "It was cool. I got appointed to the marketing department, and I--"

"Ohmygosh, no way!" Jeongyeon shouted. She leaned forward, and I got a bit jealous why she didn't look ugly when her face was zoomed in like that. If I were her, they could've counted all my nose hairs.

"Guys, guys, look!" Jeongyeon said.

"What is it?" The two girls asked.

They leaned forward too, and they both squealed. "Y/N, YOUR RING IS GLOWING!"

I smirked, showing the ring on my camera. "Oh, really? I hadn't noticed. I found one of my soulmates earlier, by the way, Did I not tell you guys that?"

"Y/N, you trickster!" Nayeon said, though she was smiling wide. "You should've told us! We missed your first bonding."

"Who is it? Who is it?" Jihyo asked again and again, sitting up straighter.

I could barely contain my excitement. "You'll never guess who it is. My soulmates are literally the last people you will ever guess."

"Why? Is it someone like Park Seojun?" Jeongyeon joked.

"No, I think it's someone like Baekhyun," Nayeon added. From the corner of her screen, I noticed purple flowers I couldn't name sprouting on the wall. These girls must be more excited than I thought...

I rolled my eyes playfully and laughed. "They are...the seven heirs of Big Hit Appliances."

A loud thud sounded as Jihyo stood up. Her face was in utter shock. "Shut up, girl! They're your soulmates?!"

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