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Third Person POV:

That night, the seven heirs of Big Hit Appliances gathered in their personal meeting room on the 25th floor.

The employees had all gone home, and there was no one left but them.

Seokjin, eldest among them, clapped his hands together and stood up. "I have some news."

Yoongi put a hand on his chin. "Does this have something to do with L/N Y/N as our missing soulmate?"

Next to him, Kim Taehyung, sixth youngest of the group, looked up from his Japchae noodles. "What? You found our missing soulmate? Yah, why didn't you tell us?"

Kim Namjoon, the chosen "leader" among them, folded his hands together. "Well, Taehyung has a point. You guys should've told us, especially if it's about a matter that concerns all of us."

Jung Hoseok, months older than Namjoon, made a face. "We didn't even get to meet her..."

Seokjin sighed. "Well, yes, it's about Y/N, but...I bonded with her."

Almost immediately, the six younger boys all stood up, talking at once. The atmosphere in the room got filled up with confusion, anger, and disbelief, which was almost toxic, as they all felt each other's emotions riding through their souls, making them more agitated.


"Hyung, that's not fair!"

"Isn't it a bit too early for bonding?"

"Just because you're the eldest, doesn't mean you can do everything so rashly..."

"Not even a heads-up?"

"I contacted you all throughout the morning, and I can't believe you didn't say a word about this."

Namjoon shushed everyone. "Alright, alright, everyone, calm down!"

As soon as they heard him, they all stopped talking, though tension still remained.

"Let's take a moment to calm down," he said, this time, he was more calm and gentle, as he sent out encouraging and comforting waves to everyone. "Now, we'll wait for Seokjin hyung to finish his story, and then he'll explain to us how and why he did it."

Waves of agreement and appreciation rolled through as they all sat down, each of them silently promising not to react so violently no matter what Seokjin said.

When everyone was seated, Seokjin continued. "Y/N wasn't sure if I was...if we were her soulmates, at first. Jungkook here told me that he had some suspicions about her, that his ability refused to work against her by erasing her memory."

Jungkook nodded in turn, folding his arms together. "When she first saw me, my first instinct was to erase her memory."

Hoseok frowned. "But if she's our soulmate, why would you--"

"I know." Jungkook sighed. "That was me being a jerk. But I didn't know that it wouldn't work. Usually, all it takes is one glance and their memories of seeing me disappears. But hers was different, and it made me feel nervous that my powers weren't working anymore."

Beside him, Park Jimin, the fifth eldest, patted Jungkook's back encouragingly.

"She must've been so mad," Taehyung mused, still eating his Japchae.

Jungkook chuckled as he remembered Y/N's outburst and informality. "Yeah, you guys would've been surprised. She's got a temper like Yoongi hyung's."

Yoongi, who had been quietly listening all this time, perked up. "What? Why me? I don't have a temper."

Namjoon, who couldn't help snickering, nodded along. "What Jungkook means is that she can be a bit savage. After all, soulmates share the same qualities with each other."

"Ah," Yoongi said, secretly happy and satisfied that finally someone shared the same level of savageness with him.

Jimin leaned forward. "So, hyung, how was the bond?"

"Well, the bond didn't happen straight away. Maybe it's because she's been away from us for so long, but anyway, it was just as amazing and marvelous as our bonds." Seokjin said, turning red at the memory.

Each of the members smiled, remembering the first time they met, and how they bonded with each other.

Taehyung, finally finished with his food, patted his stomach and looked at Seokjin apologetically. "I'm sorry I shouted at you, hyung. I was just disappointed that I didn't get to meet Y/N."

"Us too. We're sorry, hyung." Hoseok apologized. "We're happy that you got to bond with 

This time, waves of apologetic feelings and reassurance drifted across the room, eliminating the tension they had felt earlier.

Seokjin smiled. "Aish, come on you guys, there's no need to say sorry. I should've told you all the minute me and Y/N bonded. So...I'm the one who should be sorry."

As everyone apologized over and over again, a light and happy feeling settled in the atmosphere. They were excited to get to know more about Y/N, and the bond that they will all get to share in the future.

(Who do you think will bond with Y/N next~?)

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