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WARNING: Story ahead contains some upsetting words and statements for the reader.

After Jin dropped me off at Big Hit Appliances, we both said our good-byes and promised to meet again.

I remembered Mr. Jeon saying that Min Yoongi--Mr. Min--would be the one who would assign me to my department.

Apparently, it was just below Mr. Jeon's office, on the 29th floor.

I smoothed my skirt, constantly reminding myself that he was also one of my soulmates, and he probably already knew about me too.

But I had no idea why I was so nervous.

His secretary's desk was empty, and it didn't look like someone was working there, either.

I stood in front of his door and took a deep breath. I lifted up my hand to knock.

"No!" A voice shouted, startling me.

I looked around to see if anyone was there. But it was just me. I realized that it was coming from Mr. Min's office.

A series of shuffling and walking could be heard, and I heard something topple over. I flinched. Was now not a good time?

"Well, you can tell the investors that they can go fuck themselves. What have they ever done for the company? Ever since they heard the news, they're starting to clamor up, as if they cared for the company in the first place. I'm doing the best I could to shield our clients from breaking out." Came an angry voice.

I had an uneasy feeling that I shouldn't be hearing all this, and I slowly turned around. But my clumsy butt knocked over a vase. Fortunately it didn't break, but it definitely made a sound loud enough to distract a marching band. My heartbeat spiked.

The sound in Mr. Min's door quieted, and I knew he heard it.

I felt a wave of confusion and comfort wash over me. Ah, right, Jin could feel all my emotions right now. He must've sensed my uneasiness and fear. I did my best to share waves of assurance, as I as fast as I could tiptoed away from Mr. Min's office.

But my efforts were in vain when I heard the door slam open, and I saw the liftman--Mr. Min--in the doorway, glaring in my direction.

"Call you later," he said into his phone, ending the call and tossing it behind him. Devastation filled my eyes. HOW COULD HE THROW A PERFECTLY GOOD PHONE?

He started walking towards me, and I felt myself walking backward with each step he took. If I was dead meat in Mr. Jeon's office, then I was chopped liver here.

Strangely, I felt the atmosphere around me buzz, but I still kept on backing up.

I couldn't see where I was going, but I knew that the wall should be just here.

When I tore my eyes from Mr. Min, I found that I wasn't in the secretary's office anymore. I was in a spacious room that looked just like Mr. Jeon's, except the walls were dark gray, and there were no couches.

In the corner of my eye, I saw a cellphone--the same one Mr. Min "threw"--safe and sound on top of his desk.

Was this his special ability? To transport himself--and other objects--to wherever he wanted?

"Did you hear our conversation?" Mr. Min asked me, looking intimidating as ever. 

"Kind of..." I mumbled.

"'Kind of'?" Mr. Min demanded, cornering me.

A feeling of déjà vu passed over me, and I remembered that Mr. Jeon had done this to me this morning. Everything's happening so suddenly, all in one day.

"W-Well..." I said, my back hitting the cold wall, as I tried to think how to explain myself. "I didn't mean to. I just came here because Mr. Jeon told me you could...assign me to my department."

"But did you hear everything?" He asked me again.

"I only heard a few phrases..." I reasoned. My heart was beating so fast, and I was feeling like a nervous wreck, I could feel more waves and feelings gush over me--Seokjin was trying to get me to calm down.

"Are you the new recruit I saw this morning?"


"This morning, in the elevator."

"Yes, that was me. You're the lift--ah, I mean, Yeon...Kimin...?" I lifted my eyebrow and looked at him pointedly.

He sighed. "I only use that name when delivery men...or women...enter the building. Like a secret identity. But my real name is Min Yoongi."

"Does that help in keeping your identity a secret?" I ask him.

He nodded. "We're getting off topic. You say you're here to apply to a department?"

I nodded, too. "Yes."

Just like I expected, he looked at my hands. "You found one of your soulmates?"

"Yes," I said again, wondering where this conversation would go, since up until now, it all had different outcomes.

After a moment of silence, Mr. Min spoke again. "Jungkook told me all about you..."

I hesitated, wondering how to answer that.

As if reading my thoughts, he continued, "It's all good stuff, don't be so tense."

I wondered what he meant by "good stuff". Mr. Jeon was talking about me behind my back...

After what seemed like the longest staring contest ever, Mr. Min broke contact, sitting behind his desk. "I've seen your resumé. You create websites?"

I nodded, relief entering my body as the subject changed.

"How would you feel about the marketing department?"

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