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The mysterious (handsome) man was still on top of me. This time, he grabbed hold of my shoulders and stared straight into my eyes.

If he didn't stop any time soon, I was gonna faint.

I felt my heart beating fast, and I winced, waiting for him to demand why I was in his office.

And so I began to explain. "A-Are you Mr. Jeon? No, wait, who else would you be? Um...I had to deliver you a package, it was a huge box, and then when I came into your office, I couldn't see, and I accidentally knocked over some of your mail...letters...whatever they are, and now-"

"Why isn't it working?" He said. He was still staring at me.

"What...What's not...working...?" I asked nervously, clutching the letters tightly in my hand.

Oh my god, is this his way of telling me I'm fired? I'm so dead meat.

Mr. Jeon sighed, and he stood up, dusting himself. With my heart still beating wildly, I stood up slowly too, fixing my hair and composing myself.

Suddenly, he looked at me. "You."

I started sweating nervously. Whatever he was gonna say, I knew I wasn't gonna like it.

"What are you?"


Hah, well that was certainly downright rude! What am I?! Pretty boy, you wanna know who I am? I'm...I'm...I'm...

"I work here?" I answered meekly. What did you expect, I don't have the guts to actually say those words to him... "W-Well, I just started working here this morning. And...like I said, I was delivering this package to you-"

"No." That's when Mr. Jeon started walking towards me. "That's not what I meant."

Oh my Lord, why is he doing this? 

I stepped farther and farther away from him but my means of escape vanished when I felt the cold wall press on my back, and panic flooded through me.

He lifted his arm to block me from escaping. He sighed. "Now, I'll try this one more time, sweetheart. If this doesn't work, then I'm gonna ask again."


His other hand reached up and grabbed my shoulder. I tried to push it away, but his grip was like steel. Was this his special ability? Superhuman strength?

Once more, his eyes captured mine, and I found myself drowning in them. His glare was just as strong as his grip, and I found myself staring back. Though...I didn't feel anything unusual.

Mr. Jeon let go, covering his face with his hands. he mumbled something I couldn't understand. Then he faced me again. "Last try." He muttered.

He grabbed both of my shoulders again and stared at me.

Okay, either this man is psycho, or he's trying to do something to me--and it isn't working.

After what seemed like the longest staring contest ever, Mr. Jeon's face scrunched up. "Hey, Oddie."

O...ddie...? I winced at the term. Sounds like the name of a dog. Did he call all his employees like that?

"Who are you? Why can't my special ability work on you?"

I glanced through the blinds behind me to see if Mr. Jeon's secretary was there. She wasn't.

I took a deep breath and looked him straight in the eye. "I don't know. I don't know what your ability is, and I honestly have no idea why it's not working on me."

"With one look...I can erase a person's memory." Mr. Jeon informed me.

Immediately, chills went down my spine. HE WAS GONNA ERASE MY MEMORY, WHERE DID HE GET THE AUDACITY?

"And you were gonna do it?!" I burst out, making him wince.

"I do it all the time. But only for people who've seen my face."

"That is sick."

"It's helpful."

"Why do you even stay hidden anyway?"

"For multiple reasons!" Mr. Jeon reasoned. I glared at him, fuming. I didn't care if he was my boss or not, erasing a person's memory--good or bad--was just plain wrong.

He sighed, then he looked at me. "What's your name?"

"L/N Y/N"

"Miss L/N," he said carefully. "I'm afraid you'll have to come with me."

I gulped. "Um, where to?"

He looked at me darkly. "You'll see." Then he walked out of his office.

I exhaled, wondering if I would get fired after all, and he was gonna be the one to walk me out the big doors of the company.

I walked towards the doorway, hoping Mr. Jeon wouldn't bring me somewhere to kill me, and followed him.

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