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People were highly annoyed at me when I accidentally bumped into them, since I couldn't really see what was in front. But I could feel their piercing eyes stare at me.

Well, it was easy for them to frown since they weren't fudging carrying a heavy box.

I was covered in so much sweat, I could feel my makeup starting to leak. I'd just have to touch it up later.

The elevator was full, so I decided to wait until it came back down again.

The lady said that Mr. Jeon didn't need it right way, right? I mean, it's a busy place, so maybe he can wait a bit more.

I set the box on the floor again and wiped the sweat off my brow. Taking my compact mirror from my bag, I looked at my reflection.

Well, my makeup was leaking, but it wasn't all that obvious.

Without warning, the elevator dinged, making me jump a little.

Inside was a young man with skin so white, it almost looked like snow. He was dressed in formal attire, and he was standing in front of the controls. He must be the liftman, though I don't remember seeing him a while ago.

"Going up?" He asked me. I don't know why my heart beat suddenly spiked when I heard him speak.

"Uh, yes. 30th floor, please." I heaved up the heavy box again and went inside the elevator before the doors closed.

Silence settled in as I itched to reach into my bag and touch up my makeup.

I rubbed my arms. It was a bit cold inside.

"Is that package for Jung-  I mean, Mr. Jeon?" I heard the liftman ask.

I nodded.

"Heavens, what did he order this time?" The liftman muttered under his breath, loud enough for me to hear.

I glanced at him. "Does he always order big heavy stuff?"

My companion chuckled. "That package? It's tiny compared to the package last week. It was-" Suddenly, he seemed to catch himself, and he cleared his throat. "Mr. Jeon orders a lot of packages."

For a moment I wondered why the liftman suddenly became on edge with me.

"What's your name?" I blurted out without thinking.

He hesitated again, then he spoke. "Yeon Kimin."

I was about to ask why that name sounded so familiar when the elevator doors opened again.

He looked at me. "This is your stop, right?"

I nodded again and picked up the box. "Thank you."

The door to Mr. Jeon's office was open and his secretary ushered me in when she saw me.

Before I opened his door, I prepared myself to meet one of the famous heirs of Big Hit Appliances. But when I opened it, I didn't know what I was expecting, of course Mr. Jeon wouldn't be in his office. I bet he wouldn't show himself in front of his employees. But why...?

While I was lost in thought, I accidentally knocked down another box. Fortunately, it wasn't something breakable, but the bad news was that there were now scattered mail all over Mr. Jeon's floor.

I wanted to punch myself.

Setting down the box, I panicked at the sight in front of me. There must've been at least a thousand letters in that box, and now all of them were on the floor. What was I gonna do?!

Looking around his office again, I figured Mr. Jeon wouldn't mind if I cleaned up my mess. He's not here anyway.

Bending down, I quickly gathered the mail. Some had scattered all the way on the other side, so I had to scooch over on that part.

With one hand propped on the sofa, I reached for the last one. When my fingers made contact with the letter, I breathed out a sigh of relief.

When I turned around, however, there was a face in front of me.

Startled, I lost my balance. The pair of intense eyes staring at me widened, as he reached out to help me.

We both landed on the ground, in a very awkward position. My eyes widened when he tumbled on top of me.

Was this Mr. Jeon? I'm gonna get fired, aren't I?

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