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Ignore the mistakes 🙏🏻

"You leaving already?" A shrill voice spoke behind him, making him stop wearing his blazer.

"What are you doing here?" The young CEO turned with an annoyed expressions. The woman who just came is his least favourite person.

"Rude." The women plopped down on the chair placing her hand bag on the table.

"I think i made myself clear, Miss Chang, we are not making any deals with your company." There was a finality in CEO's voice.

"And do you really think I'll let your words ruin my company's reputation, Jungkook?" She replied with a stern and CEO facade.

"We aren't that informal that we use our first name. I'd prefer a professional attitude Miss Chang Rayna." Jungkook fired back, his blazer set on his shoulder and he ready to leave.

"Oh come on, I'm here to see Mr. Jeon. When is he coming?"She asked.

"Well as for meeting Mr.Jeon, here I'm standing here. Say what you came to say." Jungkook also sat down. He knew she isn't that easy to deal with.

"I'm talking about senior Jeon, there is no point in talking with you." The woman scoffed.

"If you think you can make my father agree for this project so let me break this up for you, it was his opinion to turn down your offer. I hoped the email was good enough to make you understand where you were lacking but i think you didn't bother to read it." Jungkook had his legs crossed up and down. "Your employee work and record of time duration for a project is pathetic Miss Rayna. Your employees even find it hard to read the blue prints, how do you expect me to invest my money in any such project?"

"That was a one time thing. And i have got rid of that employee. That's wrong to generalise it on my whole company. Failure should be an exception." She defended herself.

"You see Miss Rayna, we had a completely different point of view. You hold your company under you, if this mistake was slipped by so many eyes than how capable the staff could be? It was a final file that you forwarded me and yet i catch it in first glimpse. Business acquire sheer determination and passion Miss Rayna, investing and earning money isn't kids play." Jungkook had his both elbows set on the table and chin resting on the folded hands.

"You aren't doing—"

"I think we are grownups now, grudge keeping and shaming each other's name doesn't suit us. It was business deal, that was rejected. This shouldn't have to do anything with our relationships." Jungkook cut her off.

"Yeah." She said followed by a tight lip smiled.

"See you around then. I hope you know your way out." Jungkook stood up fasting his blazer first button and took his phone from the table.

The knock on the door made the woman turn and look at the person who entered after taking permission from Jungkook.

"Jimin, see Miss Rayna off on my behalf please. I've got a place to be." Jungkook said. "I hope you don't mind." He turned to the woman who was too out of place to even reply.

Jungkook left leaving a shocked and confused Jimin behind along with fuming Miss Rayna. Jungkook had a playable smirk dancing on his lips as he inserted his both hands in pockets and walked casually toward his car.

"Let's go." He said and soon the car drove away. As he was leaving he saw Miss Rayna also coming out and her expressions aren't too pleased. "It was hell of a day."

"It's still just noon." The driver replied.

"But I'm already tired. I couldn't sleep well last night." Jungkook replied to the driver. He got few friends inside the house who weren't blood related to him but he still loved and spend too much of a time with them.

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