Episode 4: Roaring Gale! Hyper Ragnaruk Zone!!

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~At Valentino and Sawyer's House~

Valentino (Thoughts): Hmm. If I want to Evolve Valkyrie then it should have Bound Attacks so it'll be able to Counter Strikes just like Grandpa's God Valkyrie. Its Blades must be Pure Rubber just like Ultimate Valkyrie. It must have Supersonic Speed that just keeps evolving like Cho Z Valkyrie. It'll have the Aspects of all Grandpa's Valkyries. He did teach me the Pros and Cons of all the Valkyrie's. So I must create the Perfect Valkyrie!!

Sawyer: So you're actually working on Valkyrie's Evolution. *Grins Wickedly* Even if it is an Apex Bey, I'll still crush it!

Valentino: No. This isn't an Evolution. It's just what My Valkyrie would be like if I so choose to evolve it.

Sawyer: C'mon. If you evolve it, you'll basically just be evolving the Aoi Legacy-- *Gasps*

(Tears well up in Valentino's Eyes as he stares at his Drawing of his Custom Valkyrie Design)

Valentino: What if... What if I'm not good enough?! If I can't be as Strong as Grandpa when he was my Age then what right do I have to evolve Valkyrie?! I'll just end up as a Failure!!

Sawyer: Don't say that! You're a Powerful Blader and you'll lead the Aoi Legacy to the Next Generation! I know you will!!

Valentino: *Sighs Deeply* Anyways, what do you need? You're usually training with Spriggan by now.

Sawyer: I heard that there was a New Powerful Blader around in the Neighborhood with an Apex Bey. He even beat Ragnarzo Kiyama in a Battle the day after he just started Blading!

Valentino: Really?! I wanna battle him! Where can I find him?!

Sawyer: I heard that they had their battle at the Park. So the Best Place to start looking is the Park.

Valentino: Tell Grandpa I'll be back before Dark!

(Valentino grabs his Ultimate Valkyrie and runs off as Sawyer just stares at Valentino's Custom Valkyrie Drawing)

Sawyer: Are you really going to just continue the Aoi Legacy with Ultimate Valkyrie? Or are you going to evolve and become Stronger?

~At the Park~

Me/Ragnarzo: Go, Shoot!!

(Ragnarzo pulls off a Thundering Shoot as I pull off a Powerful Shoot, Ragnaruk takes the center as Sciron accelerates around the stadium)

Me: *Grins* Go! Cowling Shoot!!

Ragnarzo: Whip up some Storms! Triple Howling Hurricane!!

(Ragnaruk creates a Huge Thundering Tornado as Sciron hits Ragnaruk with a Powerful Barrage of Strikes, Sciron continues to strike at Ragnaruk as Ragnaruk sits in the center with the Tornado)

Ragnarzo: What happened to your Thundering Shoot?! Too scared to Pull it off again?

Me: Never! We're just revving things up!

(Sciron accelerates up the Stadium Slope and crashes down into Ragnaruk, Ragnaruk starts wobbling as Sciron does too)

Luke: Even though Sebastian utterly destroyed Chief in their Last Battle with a Thundering Shoot. It seems like Sebastian can now only hold his own against Chief!

Jake: Yeah. He's strong but it seems like he still has some trouble defeating Chief!

Ragnarzo: Just keep hanging in there! Ragnaruk!

Me: We're not done yet. Right, Sciron?!

(Both Sciron and Ragnaruk stop spinning at the Exact Same Time, Me and Ragnarzo both glare at each other as we grin wickedly)

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