Episode 3: Counterattack! Brine Carronade!!

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Me: Go, Shoot!!

(I pull off a Powerful Shoot as Sciron lands in the stadium and accelerates at High Speeds)

Me: *Pants* Still no Thundering Shoot, huh? It's alright, we'll work until we get it right!

Mom: Sebby?! How long have you been practicing?!?

(Mom looks at me in my Baggy Sweaty Pajama's as I just shake the sweat off my face, My Pajama's drip off sweat as I look completely soaked in Water)

Me: I've been up till 5 Am. I ran around the Neighborhood lifted some weights and now I'm doing some Intense Shoot Practice. My Shoot Power has increased by a total of 33.4% from my most recent calculations and--

Mom: Sebby, please take a Break. 

Me: Alright. If I'm being honest I think I was starting to break a Sweat.

Mom: You think? Anyways, it's 9:30 Am. Isn't it about time to meet up with your friends?

Me: Yeah. Me and Chief are going to have Another Battle today and if I'm done, I'm officially done with Beyblade.

Mom: Are you sure you wanna Quit Beyblade afterward? You worked so hard to get this strong and now you're throwing it away? Looks like you enjoy the Game Quite a bit.

Me: I don't like... Actually, it was pretty fun to battle Ragnarzo. I really just don't know... I still don't know what to do with my life, I'm gonna end up like Dad.

Mom: Don't ever say that, Sebby. It just takes you a while to get an idea of what you want your life to pan out to be. Your dad knew what he wanted to do long before I did. Y'know what, if you battle with all you've got today and truly don't find Beyblade interesting, then you know for certain that Beyblade isn't for you.

(I smile at my Mother as I put my shoes on as she ruffles my hair, I just look at my Bey with a Smile)

Me: Thanks, Mom. I promise I'll be home before dark today!

Mom: Just remember this. You don't have to rush things ever, just let things take time and take their course then you'll truly know what you want to do.

(I run out the door as my Mother would wave goodbye as she goes back on her table to continue drinking her Coffe)

~At the Park~

Ragnarzo: So you came back, huh? I thought you were to scared to ever come back to battle me after Yesterday!

Me: Scared?! Never, I've been practicing like Crazy Yesterday and this Morning. You're totally going down!

Ragnarzo: Luke, you're the Referee. It's time I taught this kid some Manners!!

Luke: Alright. First Battle!!

Me (Thoughts): If I get a Powerful Attack on Ragnaruk and try Lowering its Stamina then I should be able to Burst it once it's wobbling enough. I've just got to Pull off a Powerful enough Shoot!!

Ragnarzo (Thoughts): If he has been Practicing then there is no doubt in my Mind that he has increased his Attack Power quite Greatly. I'll go in Heavy Mode with the Power Mode on my Launcher activated so he'll never break through our Tempest Winds!!

(Both Me and Ragnarzo put our Launchers in Super Mode as Luke and Jake both Gasp at the Sight)

Jake: If both of them are going in Power Mode then this battle will be an Epic One. But if he hasn't mastered Power Mode yet then Chief won't hesitate to blow Sciron out of the stadium! I wonder who will win.

Luke: I hope Sebastian wins. It's about time Chief gets off his High Horse just because he has a High Driver! *Snickers*

Ragnarzo: What was that?!?

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