Episode 6: A Wild Phoenix Chase! Follow the Prominence Flames!!

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Me/Ragnarzo/Valentino: Go, Shoot!!

(Ragnarzo and Valentino pull off Thundering Shoots as I pull off a Powerful Shoot, All of Our Beys accelerate around the stadium)

Me: Go! Cowling Shoot!!

Valentino: Go, Valkyrie! Rush Shoot!!

Ragnarzo: Rip up the Winds! Triple Howling Hurricane!!

(Ragnaruk takes the center and creates a Huge Tornado in the center of the stadium as Valkyrie and Sciron hit Ragnaruk around with a Barrage of Attacks)

Me: Tch... No Thundering Shoot?! 

Valentino: That doesn't matter! Just blast Ragnaruk out of the center!!

Ragnarzo: *Laughs* Try dispersing Ragnaruk's Gale! You'll never break through!!

Valentino: Go for a Bound Strike!

(Valkyrie slams into Ragnaruk with its Bound Blade right at Ragnaruk Blades causing Ragnaruk to start wobbling as its Tornado disperses)

Ragnarzo: What the--?!

Me: Go for it! Brine Carronade!!

(Sciron accelerates around the stadium and rams into Ragnaruk at Full Force, Ragnaruk gets sent flying across the air and bursts)

Ragnarzo: Tsk... You guys got lucky! How am I supposed to defeat both of you at the Same Time?!

Valentino: You asked us to both take you on since "Ragnaruk was the Strongest" and we did take you on but you lost. You can't be too cocky in battles, that's probably why you lost to Pearcy.

Ragnarzo: Be quiet! I'd like to see you beat that "Vigilante Blader!" Pearcy is Super Powerful and there is no doubt about it!

Valentino: Also, Sebastian, you still can't pull off a Thundering Shoot. Isn't that right?

Me: Yeah. I've been able to pull off a Thundering Shoot a couple of times but never consistently.

Valentino: You're pretty new to Beyblade, right? It looks like your arms are pretty weak. You've gotta build up your Strength in your Arms and your Body so you can pull off a more balanced and Powerful Shoot!!

Ragnarzo: How will we even find Pearcy? He basically lives everywhere in the Neighborhood.

Me: And where will we Train? It's not like there is a Training Facility for Bladers conveniently across the street.

Valt: There actually is! Have you ever been to the Legendary Trio Tree?

Valentino: What's that, Gramps?

Valt: Well, it used to be the GT Arena but after Modifications and Updates in the Past Few Years, it's become the Ultimate Training Area!!

Ragnarzo: Then what're we waiting for? Let's get going!

~At the Legendary Trio Arena~

(We walk up the Legendary Trio Arena to see a Blue Crystle Like Buiding going up in the Air with a Huge Dome on the Top)

Valt: On the bottom is where you Train and where you can have Public Exhibitation Matches! It's an Awesome Training Area to develop your skills and Power!

Ragnarzo: This will be Interesting! Alright. I'll become the New #1 Blader!!

Valentino: Ha. I'd like to see you surpass me to become the Strongest!

Valt: What about you, Sebastian... Do you wanna become the Strongest in the World.

Me: If I'm being honest... I don't think I can. I can't even pull off a Thundering Shoot and I lost to Valentino twice in a row.

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