Episode 2: Secrets of the Apex System! Heavy Mode?! Super Mode?!

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Ragnarzo: Ragnaruk's now in Heavy Mode so you'll never be able to beat it! Our Stamina will be Second to None!

Me: What's Heavy Mode?

Luke: Heavy Mode is a Mode that Apex Bey's can enter. Once they're in Heavy Mode they become Super Bulky and Heavy and they are almost impossible to knock out. I'll be surprised if you even get a Good Hit in on Ragnaruk!

Jake: Second Battle!

Me (Thoughts): Heavy Mode or Normal Mode I'll still win this battle with a Burst Finish. Ragnaruk doesn't stand a chance against us no matter the Skill or Experience!

Ragnarzo: Just to make sure this Battle ends in my Favor, I'll also be putting my Launcher in Super Mode!!

Luke: Power Mode is a Mode for the Launchers that increase the Power of your Shoot but it is Super Hard to Control and it also takes Electricity to pull off a Good Shoot like that so the Harder you Shoot the more Power you'll lose. For example, if Ragnarzo--

Ragnarzo: That's Chief to you, Luke!

Luke: Sorry, if Chief supposedly used Power Mode at 50% he'd get Another Shot at using Super Mode but the thing is, he wouldn't be able to use it at 100%, he'd only be able to use it at 50% since he already used up half of its Power. It also makes his Thundering Shoot way more Powerful and it is now called a Power Thundering Shoot.

Me: Don't play any games with me here, Chief. No matter all the Modes you have on your Bey I'll just defeat them all!

Ragnarzo: Whatever you say, buddy. Now, let's end this thing already!

Jake: Ready? Set!

All: 3! 2! 1!

Me/Ragnarzo: Go, Shoot!!

(I pull off a Decent Shoot as Ragnarxo pulls off a Power Thundering Shoot as his Bey immediately accelerates toward the center and Spins Fast)

Ragnarzo: How do you like that?! Ragnaruk's Weight and Spin Speed are on top. You won't be able to break through our Defenses!!

Me: I don't care about your Stupid Defenses. Attack, Sciron!!

(Sciron goes in for a Barrage of Strikes but they all easily get blocked by Ragnaruk's Stability and Spin Speed as Ragnarzo just grins)

Luke: Tch... That Power in his Launcher and the way that Ragnaruk's holding down the center. I don't think Sciron has enough Attack Power to defeat Ragnaruk!

Me: Just keep Attacking! Do your think and send it flying!!

(Sciron tilts on its Driver and immediately accelerates toward Ragnaruk as it just bounces off and Ragnaruk continues to hold down the center at Full Speed)

Ragnarzo: How do you like that? I'm going to win this Battle in Style!!

Me: Just keep up whatever you're doing!

(Sciron catches onto the Stadium rim and rams into Ragnaruk but gets blown back by Ragnaruk immediately, Sciron accelerates again and rams into Ragnaruk as Ragnaruk just holds its ground)

Me: Why won't this thing move at all?!

Ragnarzo: It's time to end this already! Ragnaruk!!

(Ragnarzo's Resonance Aura flares up as Ragnaruk blazes out of the Bey)

(Ragnarzo's Resonance Aura flares up as Ragnaruk blazes out of the Bey)

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