Episode 5: The Ultimate Savior! Celestial Valkyrie!!

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Valentino: Don't worry one bit, Valkyrie. I'll fix you up and restore your Glory!

(Valkyrie's Fragments glimmer as Valentino grins and continues his Drawing of Valkyrie)

Valt: Hmm. It looks like you're trying to make Valkyrie have Rubber Blades with a Bound Feature and have Metal on those Blades for an Extra Pow in your Attacks. Amazing...

Valentino: Yeah. Valkyrie's Driver will also be evolving with Valkyrie and Me so it'll be able to keep up with our Amazing New Power! It'll be Awesome!!

Sawyer: So your plan is to make it so the More Pressure Valkyrie's Driver gets the faster and more out of control it gets? That seems a bit reckless, it'll take a long time to control.

Valt: Yeah. But the more control he gets of Valkyrie the Stronger he'll get. He'll be able to master it in no time and he'll become Super Strong!!

(Someone trips and falls in front of the Front Door as they start banging on the door and rings the Doorbell)

Valentino: Um. Are we being robbed?

Sawyer: Robbers are usually Quiet.

Valt: *Laughs* I'll get it. You guys just keep working on Fixing Valkyrie!

(Valt walks to the Front Door to see Me, I fumble a Piece of Paper in my Hand)

Me: Um... Valt Aoi! Uh. I came to see if I could help Valentino fix his Bey. When I created my first Apex Bey I used these Instructions 

Valt: *Grins* Any friend of Valentino is a friend of mine. Come in, we've got lots of Work to begin!

(I walk inside nervously and go inside the Workroom to see Sawyer and Valentino drawing Valkyrie)

Valentino: Sebastian?! What're you doing here? You know I can't battle right now.

Me: That's why I came, I wanted to help you repair Valkyrie and you'll need Instructions if you want to build an ApexDrive Bey!

Sawyer: Nice to meet you, Sebastian. I've heard a lot of Good Things about you from Valentino, though you don't really look like much.

Valentino: Sawyer! Sorry, he's usually just shy.

Me: Heh. No problem, now. Shouldn't we start fixing up Valkyrie?

Valentino/Sawyer: Yeah!

~Late at Night in the Park~

Ragnarzo: Go, Shoot!!

(Ragnaruk pulls off a Powerful Thundering Shoot as Ragnaruk creates a Huge Tornado ripping through the air)

Ragnarzo (Thoughts): I know I shouldn't be practicing this late at Night in a Park. But I feel so close to finally defeating Valentino for good and I need to get in more training... On my own!

???: Shouldn't you be at Home sleeping in your Nice Bed?

(Ragnarzo jumps up in fear to see someone in Ragged Clothes with Long Dark Purple Hair as he glares at Ragnarzo with his Ripped up Clothes)

Ragnarzo: Who are you?! Stay away!

???: I'm no Threat. *Grins Evilly* I can be sometimes. By the looks of it you blade, don't you?

Ragnarzo: Yeah! What's it to you?!

Pearcy: I'm Pearcy Payne, a Descendant of Phenomeno Payne. I'm a Vigilante Blader who lives on their own off the Streets. I heard that you were pretty strong, wanna battle?!

(Pearcy holds up his Black Prominance Phoenix as Ragnarzo chuckles as he's scared and picks up his Ragnaruk and holds it up)

Ragnarzo: My Hurricane Ragnaruk will blow your Bey away! I don't care about your Stupid Legacy or whatever!

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