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Chapter 11: The blood moon

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I really have to talk to Zayn tomorrow.




My eyes opened hastily. The sunlight welcomed me. I turned to my side and looked at the empty wall. I felt lonely for some reason. I ran my hand through my hair and let them fall loosely on my back as I sat up. I kept blinking my sleep filled eyes. What to do today?

Oh right! Zayn…

I quickly skipped to my washroom and freshened up. I wore a casual black dress with knee-high socks. I wore studded heels (for no good reason) and put on a bit of jewellery.

I walked out and right before I grabbed my phone, it started ringing. I clenched my hand for a second and hesitated but then picked up my phone. Who was it, you ask? I think you can guess.

“Hello Zayn.”

“Hey Hazel, could we meet up sometime today?” *Woah, that was a bit freaky*

“Yeah, I was just going to call you for the same reason.”

“Oh really? That’s coincidental. Do you know the central park nearby?”

“Umm, kind of.” I said. The truth is I didn’t know about it.

“Well, it’s right at the end of 24th street in your neighbourhood.”

“Okay.” I said. Hmm, I guess it isn’t that far.

“Yeah, let’s meet up there.” He said.

“Okay, I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” I said and hung up. I looked at the time.

Wow, 2 o’ clock already? I really need to get my timings straight. I walked out, grabbed an apple and saw Niall making breakfast for everyone.

“Hey guys. I’m going to the park, okay?” I said.

“Hazel, I think you need a bit of… separation.” Louis said hesitantly.

“What are you talking about?” I said confused.

“You and Liam… you guys are always together. Like magnets. I think you need a bit of separation from each other. Why not do something with your other friends?” Louis said awkwardly and for a second, he sounded just like our dad. I shook my head.

“Louis, don’t worry. I’m not going with Liam.” I said.

“Oh, then… umm, have fun… I guess. I mean, yeah, just…have fun.” He said, clumsily slipping over his words.

“Okay then. I will.” I said, giving him a strange look. I walked out before he could say anything else. Brothers…

I started off and realized that the temperature was slowly decreasing day after day. I better stop wearing dresses now. Who am I kidding? I’ll never stop wearing dresses…

*a whole lot of walking later*

Why the hell did I wear heels? My feet were killing me! And I was wrong… 24th street was quite far away from my house. Daft brain, Hazel.

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