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Currently, I was at Folkestone, waiting for the train to come, to take us to Paris. Since taking the Eurotunnel, would be quicker instead of the ferry, I decided to take that route. The journey to Folkestone took around 1 hour and 30 minutes, and with the checking in, it took about 15 more minutes.

Now you must be wondering how Mason is able to come with me, well luckily once I found out Mason was going to be travelling, I immediately booked a ticket for him from my phone and thankfully there was a place. I guess luck was just on my side today. And let's not talk about the journey shall we, who knew Mason would be a pain in the ass!

He was clearly having the best time of his life, since he was annoying me as hell. Tell me why I actually agreed to letting him come, actually don't tell me, I know I was being crazy.

First he kept asking so many unnecessary questions, about where we are going and why, and why I love to travel etc. Like excuse me this is my journey, nobody asked him to come, so he doesn't really need to know where he is going, because technically I don't know as well, I just make spontaneous decisions, and go along with it. I just want this travelling to the best time of my life, and only way I can only let that happen, is by not stressing about everything, because being stressed is like my middle name.

Then he goes and messes about with my radio, like really it's my car, I decide which station to change it to. And no that wasn't enough for him, because he just started going through my bag. He actually had the nerve to do that, I was really annoyed but amazed at how this guy just never stops.

Finally after all that torture and laughter, because even though he was being a pain in the ass, there were moments where he was making me laugh just for being himself.

I looked at the notice board where the information was, and saw that we had 10 more minutes to wait. Since there were services know front of us containing shops inside, I turned to Mason, who was on his phone for quite a while and asked,

"Do you want to grab some food before we leave, we have about 10 minutes left"

"Food! Yeh sure let's go"

I laughed, he definitely did not seem like a bad boy to me. We got out of my car and walked towards to the shops. I gazed around at the different shops there were, and currently I was in the mood of having some fast food, clearly Mason didn't mind because he was heading the same direction as me. We went into KFC and I order for a Zinger Chicken Burrito meal. Whilst Mason just ordered whatever he wanted to. Once we got our food, we headed back to my car, and started munching on our food. And damn was the food delicious.

I heard a laugh from the person next to me, and looked at him,

"What are you laughing at?"

"You sure love your food. And you being a rich girl, I didn't expect you to eat fast food and properly. Instead of just having salad, or something healthy"

"As you can see I'm not like that. I love my food loads, as well as maintain my figure. Looks like you will find something new everyday about me"

"I guess I will. And I'm glad you aren't like the other rich girls, because I've kind of suspected you aren't like them from before, but I didn't know there were more different qualities about you that's makes you unique. I like it"

I smiled, glad to know that someone felt like that about me.

"Thank you"

We finished eating, and I started to drive towards the train, once we got in, I switched the engine off, and put my car on first gear. The journey to the France borderline would only take about 30 minutes, so I told Mason, and then I decided to take a nap, letting Mason do whatever he desired to.

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