"What are you doing, in my car? You can't just jump into my car. just because you feel like it" I said, whilst I was shocked and annoyed. I was just about to get ready to leave home, so that I could travel around world, and I did not need the bad boy that was in my car to ruin my plan.

"Oh, so you do talk, for a second I thought you were mute, because I hardly ever see you talk. Well to be frank, I don't even see you much. This is just going to make this trip, much more fun and exciting. Come on then, I thought you wanted to travel, why are you still waiting" said the bad boy with a smirk.

I was confused, how the hell did he know I wanted to travel.


This is another book that I have thought of writing, but I will not start this any time soon, because for now I want to focus on 'Behind The Screens', just until I know for sure how I'm going to be carrying the book on. Also I want to plan this book out, and not write in spontaneously, one chapter after another, so this book might come out around middle of January or end, it just depends on how I feel is the right time. Until then, enjoy 'Behind The Screens' and 'The Secret Portal'


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