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*ring ring*

*ring ring*

What the bloody hell was that sound? I wondered. The alarm clock obviously. I opened one of my eyes and squinted at the stupid alarm clock that was still ringing.

8 o'clock!

So less sleep. Eurgh I really hated that.

I got out of bed, and went to brush before heading to Mason's room to wake him up because morning breath was disgusting as hell.

"Mason? Are you awake?"


I knocked again, and there was no response. So I opened the door. There I saw Mason sprawled on the bed, literally taking over it all.

I nudged his arm, but he still didn't wake up. I did it again a couple of time before it got so annoying, how should I wake him up?


I got a bucket from his bathroom and filled it up with water. Whilst letting that happen, I quickly ran to the mini freezer in the living room which had some ice and dashed that into the bucket.

I slowly crept to the left side, since Mason's face was looking that was, and poured the bucket all over him.

Mason jumped, with his eyes wide open fully awake. Now that plan definitely worked.

"Zoe! You witch. What is your obsession with throwing water on me?"

"Nothing really. It's just fun"

"Fun! You call throwing ice water on someone fun? Go get me the towel, it's the least you can do"

"Only because I'm nice. By the way, that was worth it all. Your expressions"

I laughed whilst getting the toilet. I threw it at him,

"Be ready, by 9. Make sure your bag is packed, and then we will go to Starbucks and grab a coffee and sandwich before going off. CANADA HERE WE COME"

Just as I was passing him, I heard him mumble "crazy girl" under his breath.


"I DON'T CARE. GLAD YOU DID" he screamed back from his room.

By 9, my bags were packed, and I was fully dressed and ready to experience Canada (outfit above). Well Toronto to be specific. I was so excited. I don't know too much about the city but from the photographs i've seen and what people have said, it's such a beautiful city. Oh and the skyscrapers and the CN Tower! Gorgeous!

As I got out the room, I see Mason getting out of his room too, holding his bag on his back with one hand (outfit above). He looked up,

"You ready?"

"Hell yeah"

We went down to the lobby, and signed out of the hotel. Paris was a lovely experience especially since it was the first place, and even though it's first it was awkward between Mason and I, it seems like it is all working out. I actually don't mind having him around, since it's just better touring around with someone. Plus that guy is funny. Seeing this city was beautiful, i've always had a obsession with Paris, and I will continue to because this city is so amazing. People may say it's overrated but that's their opinion. To me no matter what it will always be one of the best cities.

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