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The next day was spent going around to places in Paris. We got up early in the morning, which was around 8, and yes that was quite early, but if you wanted to travel then the one thing you had to do is sacrifice was your sleep in order to check the city out and use your time wisely.

Mason and I were walking to the lounge and headed towards the restaurant area to have breakfast. So I filled him in, what was going to happen today.

"Okay so we have a Paris Pass, which literally allows us to go to the main attractions in Paris. I've decided that we should go to the Paris Big Bus Tour, since it takes us to 8 attractions which are:

Eiffel Tower
Champs de Mars
Louvre Museum
Notre Dame
Orsay Museum
Paris Opera House
Champs Elysées Étoile
Grand Palais

So we will be able to hop on and hop off in these locations if we want. This will take around 2 hours, but if you count as going out and taking photographs, which is a MUST! Then around 3 hours. Or if you have other ideas then just tell me because with this Paris Pass we can go to a lot of places"

Mason was looking through the website on my phone, as I handed it to him to see what the Paris Pass contained, and what we were able to do and go with it.

We reached the restaurant and got located to a table. We sat down and ordered our breakfast.

"Hmm, I think that's a great idea. But now that you have thought about the day time, I will decide about the night time. So I just searched right now some nightclubs that are around our hotel area, and I found a good one called Rex Club which is about 30 minutes away from our hotel. I think that since we would have done most of the things in Paris, once the tour is over, we should check the nightclubs out to. If you want"

I thought to myself, really a nightclub out of all places. But it's something that Mason wants, otherwise why would he suggest this.


Now that I think about if, I have never been to one in my life, because of the restrictions my parents put on me. That is one of the reason why i'm here right now, with a guy I don't even know well. It's all an adventure, and there is no harm in going to a nightclub.

"Alright, sure. Rex Club it is"

Our breakfast, and I knew we would fall back into a silence. Hence why I started to ask him questions and get to know him more.

"What's your favorite show?" I asked

"Suits" he said, straight away.

"Oh my gosh! Really? Man I love that show too. Harvey and Mike are goals! Ooo have you watched the latest episode? The compensation one?"

"Yeah of course. One thing you need to know about me Zoe is that, when it comes to suits i'm always the first one to have watched it"

"Oh no ways! You want a bet?"

"Why not" he laughed, as if I was going to lose this bet. Mason Dallas you better think again, because I will kick your ass in this bet.

"This is on. If I watch the next episode before you, then you have to do what I say, vice versa.

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