hi guys! so I never do an authors note, but I feel the need to do one this time. I know it's been ages since ive updated this book, and me saying I'm busy is not an excuse because most of the time I'm either reading on Wattpad or just on other social medias.

I am passionate about this book, because some part of this book is connected to me since I am very obsessed and absolutely adore the idea of travelling. which is why I continue to update this book whenever I can.

however the response rate is not that good as I expected. I understand that it won't always be great, but I would appreciate if readers commented and voted letting me know they enjoy the book.

this book is different, since most of the storyline I have planned it out which I never do, so I'm putting my time and effort into this and having readers appreciate sometimes is all a writer wants.

I hope it's not too much to ask, and I hope you guys continue to read my book. do let me know whether you enjoy reading this book :)

currently I'm typing up the next chapter to behind the screens, and when I'm done with that I will type up the next chaoter to this book!

love you guys :)

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