Tours and Attractions (II)

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After 3 long hours, we were finally done with the tour. And I must say it was worth the long ride, I got to see most of the main attractions which are quite important if you are staying in Paris, and it was a beautiful experience.

Even though people say it's too overrated, I'm never going to stop loving this city. Currently it was 12:30, which meant that we had still half a day to get through before we went to the nightclub. And I totally knew what to do! Shopping.

Well gift shopping.

I grabbed hold of Mason's hand and ran to the shops in the Champs Elysées Étoile. I was left speechless. The place looked so good, and definitely a girl's best friend because there were literally so many stores. Yeah I went passed it in the tour, but actually being on the ground and walking past all the stores looked soo good.

We went into the Disney Store, and even though I had no siblings, I was still a mad fan of anything related to Disney. Which is why Mason is next to me looking at me so weirdly.


"What do you mean, what? You are one feisty girl, couldn't you just tell me that we were coming to the stores instead of dragging me, you mad woman"

"Ah now where's the fun in that Mason" I smirked.

I ended up finding quite a few things, like some jewellery, tops, and jumpers. I found Mason just wandering around with nothing in his hand.

Is that guy crazy, he's in Paris and doesn't want to buy anything. So instead I took the matters into my own hands, I knew he had two younger siblings, one girl and boy. I walked about looking for some items that they would surely love.

I went to the counter and paid for all the items.

"You done?" he asked

"Yes" I said with a grin. I wasn't going to tell him yet that I bought some items for his siblings because I knew the kind of guy he is and he would think that since I'm some rich girl I can just go and buy whatever I want, when I was actually the opposite.

We went into H&M, Zara, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Sephora. I had to control myself from going overboard, but I managed to get quite a few items like jeans, short, dresses, heels and some make up. Thankfully even Mason did a bit of shopping a bought himself some tops and jeans.

After 4 hours of shopping, and constant bickering between me and Mason, and having lunch we were done. We took a taxi back to the hotel and made sure to dash our items into my car since we wouldn't need it for night, plus we were off to CANADA tomorrow!

Mason went off to his room, while I went to my room. I took a nap, because who knew what would he in-store for tonight. I woke up at about 6 O'clock and went to freshen up.

I got out of shower, and went in to the main room to see if Mason was there. But he was nowhere to be found, I knocked on his room door, and go no response so I opened it and didn't find him there either. Oh gosh where has this guy gone.

I went to open the apartment room door, and found Mason right in front of me with bags full of food. Umm! The aroma coming from the food.

"Where did you go?" I asked stupidly.

"To get food duh"

"Hey! Don't get cocky with me"

"Well don't ask stupid questions missy. I went down to get some food for us before we had out. I was going to wake you up after I came up. But clearly you are already awake"

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