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This is it, today is the day, I am going to just pack everything and leave. Well not really, because I had been deciding on this for the past few months but never had the courage. However after last night, I sure as hell have the courage and fire in me to get out from this so called 'perfect family' 'perfect life' and 'perfect home', because really there is no such thing as perfect.

Today was the best day, because it was the start of the summer holiday, and my parents were out of town, and the house maids and butcher etc were out, at their families home for a while, so I had to put my plan into action right now.

I opened my closet and took my suitcase out, and put it on my bed. I then started folding the most comfiest clothes like sweatpants and hoodies, and some evening dresses, along with undergarments in my bag. I went into my bathroom and grabbed all my toiletries, Tresemme Shampoo and conditioner, and put them all in my bag as well.

I went back in my closet and rummaged through all my clothes which were on a hanger, and found my secret locker, which no one but I knew about. I then put in my password and opened it, and there it was, all my saved up money and money which my parents have been putting on my bank.

Few days ago I went to the bank, and withdrew all my money from my bank, since I knew I would need the money sooner or later. Thankfully my parents are not notified about what I do with my money since I'm 18 now.

I wrapped all my money into a cloth and then put them in a small bag and into my suitcase. I spent the next few hours, packing more and making sure whatever I needed was in my suitcase. I closed the suitcase and took it downstairs and put it down in front of the house door.

I went to the kitchen and searched for all my junkies (junk food) and also I packed some of my lunch and put them into a separate bag. I looked at the time, and saw that it was 3 o'clock. Just one more hour before everyone arrives, but my parents. So I went into the living room, and got a paper and pen, and wrote:

Dear mum and dad,

By the time you are reading this, I would be out of this town and country. I am leaving. And it's not because I hate you both, because I don't, but it's because I can't live a life I don't want to. I can't live up to your expectations all the times.

It's hard and its ruining my life, and for once I want to do something I like and want, and this is. My desire to travel. I have always loved the idea of travelling around the world, and you both may have not noticed that, but to be honest it doesn't bother me much.

I don't know when I will be back, or whether you will still accept me as your child, but all I know is that for once I am making the best decision of my life. Please don't try to contact me or look for me.

- Zoe Marin

I went upstairs quickly and put the paper in my parents room, since they were obviously bound to go there, once they come back home. I took one last glance at my parents bedroom, and headed back downstairs. I opened the house door and took hold of my suitcase and bag. I walked towards my car and unlocked it, so that I could put my items in there.

Once I knew for sure that I had everything, I went back to lock the house. I sighed. I didn't want to leave the house like this, but I needed to change my life, I needed to live my life the way I desired, and not be controlled by my parents. All these years I've been thinking that they have been looking out for me, and doing what's best for me, but now..

Now I don't think that anymore. I entered my car, and was just about to start the engine, when I hear the passenger door open and someone jumps in. I turned my head around, and saw the unexpected. It was the bad boy,  my delinquent neighbour.

"What are you doing, in my car? You can't just jump into my car, just because you feel like it" I said, whilst I was shocked and annoyed. I was just about to get ready to leave home, so that I could travel around world, and I did not need the bad boy that was in my car to ruin my plan.

"Oh, so you do talk, for a second I thought you were mute, because I hardly ever see you talk. Well to be frank, I don't even see you much. This is just going to make this trip, much more fun and exciting. Come on then, I thought you wanted to travel, why are you still waiting" said the bad boy with a smirk.

I was confused, how the hell did he know I wanted to travel.

"You must be wondering how I know. First you have such a big suitcase. Secondly, I've seen you few days ago in the library looking at different countries, and thirdly your lock screen on your phone says Wanderlust. So surely all those point to the fact that you have the desire to travel"

I was speechless, he noticed all that. Like wow! Especially because he's the bad boy of the town I didn't expect him to pay attention to me. I regained myself, and questioned him the most important question right now,

"What are you doing here, clearly you know I'm off to travel and leave the town, so why are you here?"

"Simple. I want to go with you"

"What? Why?"

"Now that missy, will stay a mystery until I want to tell you. But for now let's go"

"No ways, how can I trust you"

"I know you do, otherwise you would have tried very hard to make me leave, but instead you are having a conversation with me"

He was right, for some reason, I didn't think he was so bad, like everyone made him seem like. But I still was unsure. So I thought about it and to be honest, I was already making one big change by leaving, and it wouldn't be a harm taking him along would it? I don't know, but it was a risk I was willing to take.

"Okay, I guess you can come along"

And he smiled.

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