A/N: Hi guys! So, I know this part is really really really really short, but I have a good reason for that! I'll be posting a part 2 later on today, but I just really wanted to get this part out because I was upset that you guys had to wait for sooooo long. Enjoy and look out for part 2!

7-year-old Zayn Javadd Malik can't tell what angers him the most. The fact that instead of going over to his best friend Jack's house and playing his brand new video game, his two annoyingly annoying (as Zayn likes to describe them, but never out loud of course) fathers are making him stay at home. Or the fact that his stupidly stupid (as Zayn likes to call the, but again, only in his head that is) aunt and uncle are coming over a long with their two foolishly foolish kids. It's a tough one, but after a couple seconds of going back and forth, Zayn comes to the conclusion that both scenarios frustrate Zayn to the max.

As of now, young Zayn is sprawled all over his bed in the room he has the privilege to share with his younger brother. His Daddy had gone out to buy some decorations for their guests a long with Niall. Apparently, his extended family coming over was a big deal as this was their first time being in England.

Honestly, Zayn didn't see why his family was perceiving the entire situation as such a big deal. For starters, Doncaster was far from interesting. The weather forecast usually always read dark skies with torrents of rain and the town was far too small to do anything here. Secondly, Zayn was just bummed out. Doncaster wasn't as boring as he described it to be, but not being allowed to go out and having your annoying relatives come over on top of that really could suck the sweetness out of somebody's mood.

"Zayn!" Zayn heard his Papa sing-song.

Zayn groaned, wondering what on earth his father wanted.

Just that second Louis popped his head round Zayn's door. "There you are!" He beamed before inviting himself inside.

Irritatedly, Zayn sat up and lazily cocked his head to one side. "What?"

"Niall and Papa are here, come help with the decorations!" Louis squealed.

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