A/N: So, again, there are a couple homosexual slurs in here, sorry about that. And again, I have to dedicate this chapter to @zaynie17, because she helped me form the plot for this chapter again. Thank youuu <3

With his face tucked deep inside the living room corner he had been banished to, Zayn could sincerely conclude that he had been here for at least a day now. Okay, that was an exaggeration since it had really only been five minutes. Nevertheless, to the child it felt like an eternity.

"You've really done it now, Ben." Tom said.

Ben slammed the fake Monopoly money on the playing board, making all the figurines shake frighteningly. "Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Ben replied, seething.

The three children were in the living room, playing a slow paced and boring game of Monopoly whilst the adults of the household had moved their party in to the kitchen. The trio of kids had not engaged in much talk amongst themselves and silently went on with their board game. Well...that was until now.

"If I were you, I would tell Aunt Louis what really happened." Tom suggest, meekly.

Ben glared daggers at his brother, sizing him down like a famished predator would his prey. The older boy started to move closer to his younger brother, until their foreheads were almost in contact with one another. "I'm not telling Uncle Louis anything and you're not telling Uncle Louis anything, either. Neither are you Harry."

The older brother moved away slowly, taking his place on the rug. "And plus, you hear Dad say it himself, Uncle Louis and Liam are queers and what they do is disgusting."

Harry gasps. "Daddy and Papa said never to use those type of words!"

Ben chuckles at Harry's raw innocence. "You're probably a disgusting queer, too! Considering your dads are, anyways."

"Stop it!" Harry demanded.

Ben slightly shoved Harry to the side. "Hey, Zayn!" He teased. "My friends back at school told me that all those faggots like to take it up the butt? That's what your dads do, ain't it?"

Zayn was fuming from his corner. He couldn't stand it. The way Ben talked about his fathers was disgusting. As if they weren't people, as if they weren't human beings. Nevertheless, he kept put just incase either one of his fathers burst through the door.

"Aww, what's the matter you poof?" Ben asked, inching closer to Zayn. "'Fraid you'll get in trouble with your daddies?"

Zayn sucked in his breath.

"You know, it what you did upstairs just now," Ben droned on. "Punching me, that wasn't very nice, now was it?"

Something seemed to set ablaze in Harry, as the little boy jumped up from his seat, curled his small fists to resemble that of spheres and strode up to Ben. "You stop making fun of my dads and my brother!"

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