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A/N: Sorry it's late! Had some issues uploading it on wattpad :( But enjoy! It's all fluff and stuff <3 

It was one of the hottest days of summer, a good thirty-four degrees in the city of Wolverhampton. Yet, despite the terribly warm weather, Harry and Liam had themselves huddled up indoors, cuddling on the light blue sofa in the living room, shielding themselves from the blistering sun. 

Harry had his stout legs propped up on Liam's thighs, with his head casually resting on his sturdy shoulder. Liam had his arm protectively wrapped around Harry's slim waist, as they stared aimlessly at the television, not all that much caught up in whatever it was that was on. The curly haired boy smiled stupidly into Liam's chest, a bright dimpled smile lighting up his face. Liam had his chin rested on the younger one's head, enjoying the smell of Harry's hair. The younger boy snuggled close to Liam, humming a low tune. Harry had himself sat on Liam's lap, his smile even brighter. The glint in his eyes sent a very clear message to Liam. He wrapped his arms around the older man's neck, and squished their cheeks together. 

"Trying to watch, Harry," Liam chuckled, enjoying the affection from his son, nevertheless. 

Harry smiled brightly, before parting his pink lips. "Could you please, pretty please, get me some ice-cream down at the market?" He sunk his teeth into his bottom lip, a sweet look on his face that was above suspicion. 

Liam, however, had grown accustomed to Harry's cunning ways over the years of fathering him and could easily turn him down. 

"Not now Harry, you'll spoil your appetite." Liam replied, passing his fingers through his hair. 

Harry pouted, shifting closer to Liam, an annoyed look on his face before he childishly whined out the words, "Oh, pretty please, daddy?" 

Liam merely brushed him off. "Later, okay?"

Harry sighed to himself, this was going to be one long, hot day. 


"Oh, Papa!" Zayn exclaimed, feverishly clutching a box of pricey chocolate in his petit hands. "We have to get this!" 

Louis chuckled at the animated boy as he struggled to push the burdened shopping cart along the empty aisles. 

His black haired son followed close behind him, buzzing with thrilling sensation as he tossed a different item in to the already overflowing cart. 

The older man stared down anxiously at the cart, his eyes nervously racking over the surplus of groceries in the shopping cart. As if ironically, the wallet that was tucked deep inside the satchel thrown over his shoulder seemed to rattle in it's place, mockingly. Out of edginess, the man began timidly yet slightly chomping down on his nails, a common habit yet habit of his that came out when he was nervous. 

"Papa?" Zayn asked with wide eyes, tugging on the sleeve of his father's plain top. "Can we get this, too?" 

Louis' eyes shot down to his oldest son who had a box of foreign biscuits in his grip. He eyed the commodity skeptically. 

"Oh please, Papa?" The boy begged. "I really really like these!" 

Louis internally scoffed, he wasn't even sure that Zayn had never even tried those biscuits before. 

But looking down at the pleading boy with his hands clasped in front of him in such a saddening fashion and even with the shopping cart that was filled to the brim with a glut of useless things, Louis could not bare to tell his son to shove the biscuits back on the shelves and instead gestured for him to place it in the cart. 

"Yes!" The black haired little boy exclaimed as he thrust the item in the cart. "Thank you, Papa! Thank you!"

A warm smile settled on Louis' face, taking over his once skeptical expression. 

"Well," Louis began as he began rolling the shopping cart down the aisle only to have one of his arms tugged from the handle of cart and clasped in to Zayn's petit one. "Is that all?" He beamed down at the boy. 

With a shake of his scruffy black hair Zayn squealed, "Yes! Thank you, Papa. I had a great day!" 

Louis chuckled at his son's antics.

"Okay, ready or not, here I come!" Harry exclaimed, whipping around from his topical position where he was tucked deep in to the living room corner. 

Soon after, the feverish boy was across the living room, searching every nook and cranny for his father. Even absent-mindedly lifting  a plush a pillow up and off the ground, as if his father was hiding underneath the bijou thing. 

"I'm gonna get you!" The curly haired boy taunted, a childish fixated look on his little face as he ransacked his living room. 

"Boo!" A booming voice hollered from behind him.  

Harry had readied himself for combat as he spun around with such determination to face the evasive voice. But was only greeted with his silly Dad who as flashing a goofy green at him, with his arms held above his head in a manner that he believed was meant to be frightening. 

The boy's face dropped. "Daddy!  That's not how you play hide and seek!" He then proceeded to cross his scrawny arms over one another in a dramatic fashion. "That's the 2nd time you've done that now."

Liam had to keep his composure, and hold back a throaty laugh at his son's annoyance. Instead, he settled for picking his son up and pinching his cheeks, playfully. Only for the boy's pout to deepen. 

"Aw, come on, sport." Liam placated. "Turn that frown upside down!" 

Harry furrowed his scraggly eyebrows and shook his head. 

"Well," Liam began. "I guess that only calls for one thing and for thing only!" 

The boy cocked his head in confusion and before he could think, his father was reaching to his sides and prodding him with his large fingers, more or less tickling him. 

After a run of time the boy was howling, begging for his father to stop in between his gasps for air as he spluttered with laughter. "Stop, Daddy! Stop!" He giggled. 

Willingly, the older man stopped and went on to place a sloppy kiss on his son's cheek in which his son lovingly returned. 

"Let's go wake up, Nialler?" Liam rhetorically asked as he had already began making his way to his youngest son's room, with Harry in his arms. 

"Not until you two help me with these groceries!" Louis hollered as he burst through the front door, an excessive amount of plastic bags in both his and Zayn's hands. 

Liam stopped in his tracks and stared the many grocery bags before sharing a scared look with his curly haired son. 

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