A/N: Just so you know this chapter contains homosexual slurs. I apologise if it offends you, but I only used it for the sole purpose of the story and would never use that kind of language towards anyone or anything in real life. But...enjoy! >.< And also I forgot, but this chapter is dedicated to @zaynie17, because they helped me with the plot! <3

"A dog!" Harry yells out with certainty at his elder cousin, Ben. He frowns when his cousin shakes his blonde locks in his direction, signalling that no, he was not a dog.

"Doggy!" Niall wriggles in his father's grip as he claps his hands together excitedly. "Doggy!"

Liam gasps playfully as Niall starts to do what he perceived to be his best imitation of a dog, but instead ended up sounding more like childish nonsense. His father lets out a deep throaty laugh, applauding his son as he does. Niall beams up at this followed by a string of gibberish.

"Bless him," Liam's sister, also more formally known as the Aunt of Zayn, Niall and Harry or Nicola Farnell, learns over to Louis and says.

Louis watches in adoration as Niall gleefully jumps up and down on Liam's lap, the cutest little giggles leaving his lips ever so often. "He is, isn't he?"

Zayn nonchalantly feeds himself cheesecake that his father had been ever so courteous of purchasing along with the abundance of decorations streamed up in their household. He watches in annoyance as his family members get on ever so well. Chatting, laughing, smirking and playing around. Heck, even Zayn's Uncle Nick who usually sat in front of the television, watching football and yelling at the screen whenever a player missed the ball was actually enjoying himself.

As of now, Zayn a long with the rest of his family are sat in the living room, actively playing a game of charades. Zayn's cousin, Ben, flails his arms around tries his best to get the rest of them to get what he is acting as.

"You're...Aunt Louis!" Tom, the 2nd child to Nicola and Nick Farnell, yelled out causing the entire room to erupt in to a fit of laughter.

Louis internally cringed at the nickname, but other than that laughed a long with everyone else. It was an inside joke that Nicola and Nick had made when they first heard that Liam and Louis had gotten married. The pair had perceived Louis the more feminine one out of the two and decided to take the piss out of Louis and call him Mommy Louis or Aunt Louis.

"God, Nicola," Louis ruffled his nephew's hair. "I don't think I'll ever be able to get over their accents! They're so..." Louis droned off, searching for the word.

"American?" Nicola asks, chuckling.

Louis nods his head vigorously. "That's it!"

"A fireman! You're a fireman!" Liam calls out.

Ben sighs in relief and nods his head. He then slowly makes his way back to his seat on the couch in between his father and Harry.

"Oh, Daddy!" Harry says, jumping to his feet. "Can I go show Ben and Tom the new toys that Gran and Granddad got me for my birthday?"

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