“Zayn,” Liam began. “When Papa and I said you couldn’t go out, do you really think we just said it to be mean?” 

The younger boy stared at his hands, tracing the outline of his palms over and over again. Zayn wasn’t daft, he knew his father’s were very reasonable men. He also knew that neither his Papa nor Daddy would do something just to be mean. Well, would they?

“Answer truthfully.” His father added. 

Sighing slightly as he did so, Zayn muttered. “I don’t know.” 

“Baby, look at me.” Liam said softly. “Papa and I didn’t want you playing out there, because it’s raining. You could’ve gotten sick or you could’ve slipped and hurt yourself. Is that what you wanted to have happen?” 

Zayn shook his head at a leisurely pace. 

“And it was one thing to go out there alone and go against our word, but it was another to drag your four-year-old brother out there with you.” Liam stated, lightly caressing the boy’s forearm in a comforting manner. 

The black-haired boy cast his eyes downwards, he was feeling sorry. Not for himself, but for his Daddy and Harry. I mean, just imagine the fright he had given his father? And now Harry would have to face the consequences for something that he, Zayn, had gotten him in to. 

“I’m sorry, Papa.” Zayn mumbled. Even though Zayn knew that he wouldn’t get away with just a simple ‘sorry’, he still felt as though he was entitled to say it. 

Liam chuckled, patting his lap. “You know what happens now.”

Zayn wasn’t even going to fight it. He knew that he deserved to be punished for his unfitting actions. So, the seven-year-old boy walked over to his father, giving him one more pleading look before dropping down on to his lap. 

Liam pulled down his son’s pants slightly and his boxer shorts followed soon after. “Ready, bud?” Liam asked, rhetorically. 

Even though Zayn knew his father was permitted to begin the punishment whenever he pleased, Zayn still bobbed his head up and down, regardless. 

The older man sighed sadly, truth be told, he despised punishing his children, but unfortunately it had to be done. In a swift motion, Liam lifted up his hand and slammed it down on the juvenile boy’s bum, and hard. Zayn jerked forward slightly surprised by the amount of force behind his father’s swing. 

Liam continued peppering smacks all around, making sure to pummel his sit spots extra hard, so that he would feel those for a while. When Liam brought his hand down exceptionally hard on his left cheek, Zayn yelped in response. Despite the pain his son was in, Liam continued, his smacks even getting harder as he did so. A minute in to the spanking and Zayn was starting to grow uncomfortable. The feel of Liam’s jeans rubbing against his bare belly was not a pleasant one and the sporadic and forceful smacks Liam delivered were really getting to him. 

“You were told that you couldn’t go outside, yet you still went against what Papa and I had said and went outside.” Liam lectured. “Why?” 

Abruptly, Liam stopped the spanking, patiently awaiting a response from the defiant child. When he didn’t receive one, he raised his hand and brought it down, yet again. Not hard enough to make the boy squeal, but hard enough to get his attention. 

“I don’t know, Daddy.” Zayn coughed. He was doing his best to hold back his tears. 

“Zayn,” Liam threatened. 

Out of fear, he sputtered. “I was bored, I just wanted something to do!”

“If you had absolutely nothing do, why didn’t you come to Papa or I?” Liam said in an affirmative tone. “I am certain we would’ve helped you.” 

Zayn bowed his head down in shame. 

Sighing, Liam picked up where he had left off. He peppered fast and firm smacks all over Zayn’s behind, which was now turning a pale red. Little by little, Zayn felt his vision grow blurry, he couldn’t take anymore of his Daddy’s monstrous hand. And dare I say it, he felt as though he was on the verge of crying. No, you are not going to cry. You aren’t a baby, Zayn thought to himself. 

 “I’m sorry, Daddy!” Zayn exclaimed, tears gushing down his rosy cheeks. “I’m sorry!” 

Feeling sorry for the boy, Liam stopped. He then proceeded to remove the boy from his position, sprawled across his lap, and thus began to cradle him. 

“It’s alright, Zayn.” Liam cooed. “Let it all out.” 

Ironically, that just made Zayn cry even more. Zayn felt awful, he was probably a bigger baby than his one-year-old brother, Niall! Look at yourself, Zayn thought, wailing and bawling all because of something as simple as a spanking. Regardless, Zayn wasn’t going to push away from his father’s comforting hold because, it was condoling. Even as much as Zayn hated to admit it, that’s what he needed right now; condolence. 

“Daddy?” Zayn looked up questioningly at his father. “I really am sorry, do you forgive me?” 

The older lad couldn’t stop from outright chuckling. “Yes, love. I forgave you the first time you said it.” 

“Wait, what about Harry? He went outside, too!” Zayn pouted and rubbed his aching bum.

As if on cue, a gloomy looking Harry came trudging down the stairs followed closely by a rather smug Papa. Harry looked up at Louis knowingly and in return Louis gave Harry a suggestive look, as if to say, “go on.” Sighing, Harry slowly walked up to Liam. 

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” he sniffled.

Liam knitted his eyebrows together, his gaze slowly drifting over to Louis. 

“I punished Harry.” Louis nonchalantly replied.

Liam nodded his head in response. 

“And I really don’t think I need to be punished again, Daddy.” Harry pressed against his father’s frame, looking up at him with eager eyes. “Please?” He added. 

Both Liam and Louis laughed. “No, you don’t.” The two replied in unison. 

“Now, what do you two boys say to a film and some ice-cream?” Liam queried, pulling Harry in closer. 

The two younger boys exchanged wishful glances. “We say, yes!” Both Harry and Zayn exclaimed. 

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