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A few days later

"Moraaaaa" Tiana smiled as she jumped on her bed.

Ximora rolled her eyes and pulled the blanket over herself.

"Why you acting like youn wanna see us" Tiana said playfully mugging her.

"Because I donttt, today is my only off day" she huffed.

"Aww well we wanted to see you" Tiana smiled laying her head on Ximora.

"We also wanted to go out later, so do your hair. Tiana is gonna do your makeup" Jade said.

"Where are we going?" Ximora huffed, she wasn't really in the mood to be out.

"You won't be out too long, and whenever you wanna leave we can go" Jade told her.

Ximora sighed and went into her closet to look for a wig.

"Which one should I do?" She asked holding up two wig heads.

"Ouuu jet black" Jade told her.

"It will go soo good with the dress-" Tiana started, causing Jade to nudge and mug her.

Ximora paid it no mind since she had started on her own hair.

"What y'all order?" Ximora asked as she put her wig cap on.

"Chipotle" Jade smiled knowing that was Ximora's favorite.


"You look so prettyyyy" Jade smiled once Tiana finished her make up.

"Thank you" Ximora smiled. "Where we going? I have to pick my outfit"

"Oh, I already did so don't worry about it" Tiana said.

"Where is it?" She asked sitting on the bed.

"Okay soooo your prom is today, and you told Jaelen you didn't wanna go because you didn't have anything together. So he got planned and got together so you can go tonight" Jade smiled.

*outfit inspo

Ximora loved the dress since it fit her style well but she scrunched up her face at the thought of Jaelen

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Ximora loved the dress since it fit her style well but she scrunched up her face at the thought of Jaelen.

"I'm not going" she told them.

"Wait whyyyy?" Jade asked.

"Cause I'm not accepting shit that nigga did for me"

Tiana rolled her eyes "Ximora.. grow up"

"I don't give a fuck I'm not going" she repeated with more attitude laced in her voice this time.

Jade typed something on her phone then spoke.

"Mora just at least for a few hours, you're gonna look back and regret not going" she told her.

Ximora eyed the dress then thought about the they effort put into everything and sighed.

"Okay can y'all help me put it on?"

Tiana smiled and fully took the dress out of it's plastic cover.

"The photographer is in the living room so you can take some pictures" Jade told her.

Once Ximora took a few pictures, it was time for her to go.


"Wassup" Q smiled as Ximora sat by herself.

y'all remember when ximora wanted to sell drugs, he's the one she talked to first.

"Hey" she said giving him a small smile.

"Draco told me to tell you to come outside" he said.

She was about to say no, but decided to at least thank him.


Once he told her where his car was, she walked further into the parking lot.

"Hi" she waved, getting in the car.

"You look beautiful" he smiled.

"Thank you, thank you for everything I really enjoyed tonight" she said, blushing a little.

"That's wassup, I just wanted to see you. The photographer sent me sum pics but I had to see you in person" he told her.

"You picked this out?" She asked motioning to the dress.

He smirked "Yea, you liked it?"

She nodded and took her heels off.

"How you been?" He asked as she put her feet on the dashboard.

"Good, how about you?" she said with a yawn.

"I been straight, KJ called me earlier"

She playfully rolled her eyes "About them jordans?"

"Yea" he chuckled "I told her we'll see, but imma get them and surprise her since her birthday coming up"

"I forgot all about that, she said she wants a photo shoot" Ximora told him.

"She wanna party?" He asked.

"Mm no, but we'll probably still do a cookout" she told him.

"Lemme take you home, it's getting late" he said.

"Okay" she nodded, she was about to order an Uber home anyway.


"Ight imma see you" Jaelen said after he zipped her out of the dress.

She shook her head "Stay"


"Jaelen please?" She asked.

He bit his lip and looked as she stood there in her thong.

Without waiting for an answer, she pushed him back on the bed and peppered kisses on his jawline.

"You sure?" He asked as she pulled his dick out of his sweats.

"Mhm" she nodded kissing his lips.

"Why you so wet?" He chuckled pulling her panties to the side.

Just from looking at Jaelen, Ximora always got wet.

"Put it in" she whined as he teased her entrance.

He started to then stopped with a sigh.

"Nah Mora.."

She watched as he pulled his pants back up.

"What's wrong?"

"Baby, we gon have sex then jump back into a relationship. But nothings gonna be fixed" he told her.

He took off his hoodie and put it on her.

"Fuck you Jaelen," she spat getting off the bed.

"Fuck me?" He chuckled.

"You literally blew that whole thing out of proportion" she said.

"Ximora-" he started but was cut off by her pushing past him.

"Leave" she told him.

"Ight" he shook his head and walked out her room.

She scoffed once she heard the door open then slam shut.

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