SAMPLE - Chapter One

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THE MUSIC BLARES THROUGH THE SURROUND SOUND speakers from the front of the strip club. Blue, green, and purple neon lights illuminate the dancers on the raised platforms. There are naked women in stilettos, dollar bills folded length wise through G-strings, and an uncalculatable amount of men residing in booths and chairs surrounding the stages.

There's a faint scent of warm bodies, cheap cologne, and a beer stained floor beneath our feet. Making our way towards the back of the building, our deal has already been set in stone. A decent amount of money to last me through the next few weeks has been exchanged for sexual relations.

When we reach the private room, I raise the dim, blue light, creating a seductive ambience. The moment I shut the door behind us, the man I've met only minutes ago approaches me.

Groping my body, he breathes heavily against my neck. I cringe from the stench of hard liquor and tobacco on his breath, somehow managing to fight the urge of shoving him onto his ass.


Truth be told, this has been my occupation for far too long for me to make any rookie mistakes. This is just like any other night at the club where I have no choice but to disregard it.

"Okay," I snarl, pressing my hands against his chest to establish some distance between us. Personal space, if he's ever heard of such a thing. Although, I don't exactly seem to get much of it with my line of work. "Where's the cash?"

He stumbles backwards with a scowl. "What?"

Swaying my hips to the side, I force a grin. "The money."

"Oh, right."

"Don't play games," I say, gritting my teeth, watching as he makes himself comfortable on the black, leather sofa. "I'll need to see the cash first."

Unbuckling his belt, he chuckles. "You'll get what you're worth after, sweetheart."

"Excuse me?"

"Did I stutter?" he asks, slurring his words. "Just get that sexy ass of yours over here before I change my mind."

Turning on my heel, I bolt out of the room, completely disregarding his shouting from over my shoulder.


Entering the changing room after my shift, I'm relieved to find Natalie already getting dressed. After living and working together for the past several years, she's become more like a sister to me than a best friend. With her short, blonde hair and green eyes, she's unique in every way. I'm much more average looking with my long, brown hair and light, brown eyes.

"That's awful, Sasha," she says, in remarks to what had happened to me earlier. "This is the worst timing."

"It's always when rent is due."

"So, you didn't make the rest?"

I frown, discouraged. "Close, but not close enough. That drunk bastard just had to ruin it."

"What a prick!"

"Who's a prick?" Gabby chimes in, striding into the room. She studies her reflection in the mirror, groaning. "Tonight's a fucking disaster. I can't find my hair wax anywhere."

"Heads up," I warn.

Tossing her mine, she smiles with gratitude. "Always there when I need you, Sasha."

"This guy tried pulling his cock out earlier during a private dance," Natalie explains. "It's safe to say that Sasha is traumatized."

"Oh, God," Gabby dramatically gasps. "You poor thing."

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