Part 2

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Your eyes filled up with tears, you never meant to hurt him like this. It was such a stupid fight anyways.

You started uncontrollably sobbing as you felt Luke's arms wrap around you. He kissed your head "I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry" he mumbled into your hair.

You sobbed into his chest. "Are we really over?" You looked at him with puffy eyes. "No, never. I didn't mean it." You held his face with your hands and kissed him.

"No more fighting, I promise" you told him.

"No more fighting" he agreed with a smile. "I love you" you looked into his eyes.

A tiny bit of panic hit you for a second wondering if he was going to say it back "I love you too" he responded. You smiled at each other, both lightly in a hug. "I'm pretty sure my friends have already left". you said leaning your head on his chest. "Well, I'm not really doing anything. Care to go on a lunch date with me today?" Luke asked.

You nodded and he took your hand as you walked out the door to have an amazing day.

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