part 2

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I don't know what I expected to happen with Michael after I caught him cheating. He moved out, he and his girlfriend went to live with Calum and Luke and I had Luke round most days checking up on me and begging me to sort things out with Michael because there was only so much headboard-smashing-against-his-bedroom-wall he could take.

I politely but definitely declined and Luke just got more worried.

Then the court cases began. He moved in with me because I was getting so stressed and if it weren't for him Michael and I never would have met in the first place so I think he feels a bit guilty.

He suited up and I found my most formal grey dress and we turned up at court to apply for our divorce. It was awful - I had to listen to Michael talk about all the troubles with our marriage that I had never seen; that I'd never seen as an issue. I had to retell the day I caught him and the weeks leading up to it and fuck, it was horrible.

The worst bit was I was splitting the band apart too - Calum took Michael's side, saying that the problems were more me than him while Luke and Ashton think Michael was an asshole for seeing cheating on me as a viable way to show he was unhappy with me.

I just hated the idea that I wasn't good enough and he never loved me enough to try and work through it. It was tough. There was a lot of crying and falling asleep in Luke's arms and I had never been more grateful for a platonic friendship before because I don't think I'd ever been more in love with Michael now that we were finalising not being together.

He turned up in a midnight black suit every day; he'd dyed his hair a matching black and I think it was because he knew it was my favourite and he kept making snide remarks about the whole thing on twitter. I hated him for it, I hated every ounce of him for it but at the end of the day - I still loved him.

The day everything was finalised and we were no longer married, I made Luke and Ashton go reconcile with Michael and Calum - I didn't want this divorce to mean the end of 5 Seconds of Summer too.

I was surprised by all four of them coming round to my flat the next day. I was sat at the kitchen table in my pyjamas trying to get a bit of work done on my computer when the doorbell rang and I was expecting pizza - these four boys were a disappointment, I'm not going to lie.

"Hi." Michael was at the front. His dark hair hung limp around his face and he held a scruffy cardboard box in his arm. I glanced at Luke and his expression begged me not to slam the door.

"Hi." I replied, not stepping out of the way to let him in. It was all incredibly awkward.

"Uh, how are you?" Michael asked.

I took a deep breath before lying. "I'm fantastic; you?"

"I've been better." He mumbled. Yet more tense moments passed by and I felt my grip on the door tightening with the urge to slam at on that asshole's nose. "I- uh, my girlfriend and I- we... we're not together anymore."

I paused, a selection of spectacularly imaginative insults about the slut flying through my brain before the passive peacekeeper inside of me won. "What do you want me to say?"

"Can I come in? I found some of your stuff in with my stuff when I was leaving. I'd really like to talk."

"Michael we just filed a divorce, there's no way you can try and 'sort things out' now -you should have thought this through sooner. And I have no idea why you brought the whole band."

Calum stuck his hand in the air and I raised my eyebrows at him. "I wanted to say sorry for choosing a side and being a child about the whole thing."

"Yeah, and Luke and I wanted to say we were sorry for approaching the situation the wrong way." Ashton added.

"I just wanted to come and say hi because I was worried about you yesterday." Luke shrugged.

"I don't know what you want, Michael - we can't be friends after this. There's no way I can be friends with you after what you did to me." I wasn't going to bullshit him. His face fell a little bit but he nodded.

"That makes sense. Just... I hope this doesn't mean you can't be friends with these guys too because that's not fair on any of you and I hope that maybe one day we can be friends again, because I do miss you and I don't think that we didn't work, I was just a dick. I wish we hadn't taken such severe actions - I wish I was still married to you."

"Why the fuck didn't you say that in court?" I yelled, trying desperately not to cry.

"I'm sorry!"

"If you feel that much for me, why didn't you say that to the judge? It's too late now - I was doing this for you, because I wasn't good enough for you and now you say that? That's not fair!" I screamed, slapping the box from his grasp and thumping my fists lazily against his chest.

"The documents haven't gone through." He whispered, holding me close.


"I rang up the lawyer's office this morning because I regretted it so much and since I called, they have to reconsider. Technically, we're still married." He explained.

I pushed back, unsure whether I was going to cry, scream or punch him. Luke look poised to catch me in whatever decision I made.

"Well, now what do we do?"

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