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Your relationship with Luke had been going downhill lately.

You would get in arguments over the stupidest things. Things like why you didn't do the laundry and who always got to watch their favorite shows on the tv.

Today you were planning on having lunch with friends, you grabbed your keys and mumbled a "bye" to Luke before you walked out the door.

As your hand was on the doorknob you heard Luke say

"Where do you think you're going?"

You scoffed and turned around, "I'm going out with friends". He stood up and walked over to you "So the one day I have off, you're gone all day with your friends". You rolled your eyes at how ridiculous he was being "Luke, you're just sitting on the couch anyways. It's not like we had plans".

He shook his head slightly as he said "Then let's make plans". "I can't, I have plans with my friends". You stated through gritted teeth. "Wow, so I guess your friends are more important than me now?" he looked at you with almost a glare. "Luke, you're being ridiculous.

If you won't even let me spend time with my friends then maybe we shouldn't even be in a relationship." you threw the last sentence in there hoping to scare him, but never expecting him to agree. "That's a great idea! You know what fine, we're done." he said as he looked down at the ground.

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