Part 2

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I can't believe her..

S-she hates me..

I wiped my eyes and took a deep breath.

"Ashton!" I hear an angelic voice as I sat at the bench.

(y/n) jogged at me.

"(y/n) ? " I straight up and wiped tears at my face.

"Ash.. I'm really sorry... I shouldn't said that... I mean I'm just really angry about what happened earlier " she mumbled while she plays with her fingers...

She only does that when she's nervous, scared or she did something wrong..

"You if you don't really want me in your life.. it's okay I understand.. " she let the tears escape her eyes and she turned around and walked away. Sobbing.

That's it.

"Baby wait!" I said.

I hugged her from behind and let the tears escape my eyes again.

"I'm sorry too baby.. I didn't mean it.." I whispered at her ear and snuggled at her neck.

It's only us... me and (y/n)..

"I'm sorry too.." (y/n) sniff and turned around to face me.

"Forgive me?"

I giggled and kissed her lips.

"Of course.. I love you "

She giggled against my lips and lean in for some kiss.

"I love you too.."

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