Chapter One

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Amara pov

"Welcome to Mara bakery, what would you like?" I ask with a huge smile.

The lady looks me up and down and points at the red velvet cake. I smile and take it out for her. After packing it up she pays and leaves.

"I don't get why people are always so rude for no reason" I mutter.

I'm Amara Yun Park. I own a small cozy bakery near the park. I live in New York and I was also born here. Although I grew up here, I speak my mother tongue and my mom made sure to teach me every little thing about being a Korean.

My brother lives in South Korea, he's more Korean than I am. He's a famous model and we're twins! He makes sure to visit almost every month. I'm really proud of how far he's come.

My parents, Jonathan Park and Seo-Jun Park are happily married and they moved to Korea three months ago. I decided to stay here and open my bakery.

"mawa!" I hear.

I look up to see my favourite 3 year old stretching his hands to me. I reach over and take him from the girl I assume is Aria. He giggles and hides his face in my neck.

"Hey baby boy" I say softly.

"Hey umm, I'm Aria, I'm sure Leonardo told you I'll be babysitting today" she says smiling.

We shake hands before I glance down at the small 3 year old in my arms. He lifts up his head and smiles that adorable little smile of his.

"Mawa, chocowate chipie!" he says happily while wiggling in my arms.

"Ofc baby, I prepared a fresh batch this morning just for you" I say.

I kiss his cheek before going into the kitchen with him. I always put his cookies apart because people love the chocolate chip cookies and it gets sold out before noon.

I give it to him and he gives me a fat kiss on the cheek. I giggle and walk back out. I hand him to Aria and she smiles before taking out her wallet.

"No need, he always gets free cookies" I say smiling.

She smiles and tells him to wave bye. Marco looks at me and cries, he makes grabby hands and I take him from her. He sniffles and puts his head in my neck... He loves doing that.

"Marco, sweetheart. You have to go with your Auntie now okay? You'll come back tomorrow right?" I gently say, rocking him.

"I no go nowwww" he cries.

"Hey, I know this is weird but would you like to come to a dinner party tonight. All our family is gonna be there and Marco talks so much about you, everyone basically knows you" Aria says with a smile

"umm," I say

"Pwease Mawa" I hear Marco sniffle. Wow, he understood?

"okay, I'll be there."

"Great I'll come pick you up here at... 6 pm. Wear something classy" Aria says.

I kiss Marcos head and wipe his wet cheeks. He smiles widely before jumping to Aria. They leave and I get back to work.

I hope this dinner goes well...


I quickly lock up my bakery before walking to Aria's car. She smiles at me as I get in.

"Girl... You look so gorgeous" she gushes.

I blush and mumble a small thank you.

"Okay so we're having the dinner at Stefano's house, he's Marco's dad. You might know him from the magazines. He's a Ceo of a corporation company and he owns hotels, restaurants and hospitals all over the world. He only owns one hospital, it's in Italy" she says before smiling at me.

I panic for a moment, she notices and gently pats my arm.

"Don't worry, they'll love you." she says.

"but I'm just a bakery owner, I don't fit in your-"

"Hey, none of that. Trust me they are not stuck up people. I work at a freaking hospital, as a nurse. You own a bakery! So don't be scared." she says.

"okay" I say laughing.

We arrive at the house and I can't help but gasp... It's beautiful.

I step out and follow Aria

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I step out and follow Aria. She rings the doorbell and we wait before a middle aged lady opens the door. We walk in and she embraces Aria while I smile awkwardly.

She sees me and Aria smiles before stepping aside.

"This is the famous Mara" she says.

The woman's eyes lit up and she pulls me in for a hug. I'm taken aback but I hug her back.

She pulls away and looks me up and down.

"Wow, we finally got to meet the woman my grandson won't stop babbling about." she says smiling.

"I'm Amara Park, it's nice hearing Marco talks about me" I say smiling.

"Emilia Ricci, Marco's Grandma, let's go introduce you to everyone else" she says.

They lead me to the living room and I see people chatting and drinking wine.

"Umm guys this is Amara Park, Marco's-" Aria is suddenly cut off by a certain 3 year old boy.

" Mawa! "

He comes wabbling to me and I quickly pick him up. I pepper his face with kisses and he giggles.

" Hey little baby " I say.

" I miswed you" he says before burying his head in my neck.

I hear 'awws' and glance up to see everyone staring at us. I blush and hide my face in Marco's hair.

"Aww little dumpling is shy" I hear none other than Leonardo say.

He comes to me and hugs me sideways. I smile and he kisses my head.

Marco wipes the spot he kissed and Leonardo gives him a playful glare.

"My Mawa" he says before giving me a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

"okay man, she's all yours" Leonardo says.

"Amara, this is Dante Conti, I'm assuming you already know Leonardo. Sofia Moretti my eldest daughter and her husband Lorenzo Moretti." Emilia says.

Dante gives me a nod, Sofia hugs me and Lorenzo shakes my hand. I smile at them before following Emilia into the other part of the living room.

I see a hot older man standing with a young girl in his arms and the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. He's wearing a suit without the jacket and his sleeves are rolled up. He's arms are crossed and he laughs at something the older man said.

"And last but not least, Mia Moretti, Sofia and Lorenzo's daughter. My husband, Salvatore Ricci and lastly

She turns to the handsome man with greyish eyes,

" Stefano Ricci, Marco's father "

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