part V

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3rd POV

Devon sat in his bed texting Jake. His mother pecked in to check on his son, she then walked in.

"I have to go in for work, stay at home okay?"
"Yeah, uhm hey mum?"
"Yes?" Mrs. Evens sat down on the corner to the bed next to his son.
"How can you know if you really love someone?"
Mrs. Evens smiled already knowing why he asked that.

"When I meet your dad, I had butterflies. Is that what you feel? When your with Jake?

Devon smiled, " yeah.."

Mrs. Evens smiled and hugged her son. Devon hugged her back.

"You know, I miss our movie nights. We should have one this week, you can invite Jake too." She said while sitting back up.

"Yeah, bye mum"
"Bye Devon"

She left for work.

Devon picked up his phone again, texting Jake.




Wanna come over and watch a movie, this week maybe?

Yeah sure, sounds great.

Love you<3

I love you too :)

Devon smiled at his phone and shut it off. He turned his PC on and watched crime movies.

Meanwhile with Jake

Jake turned his phone off and set it on the bed.

"JAKE, COME DOWN HERE!" Lukas yelled from downstairs.

An worried expression made it's way on Jake's face. He went down stairs and go to his father.

"Yes dad?"
"I'm off to work, I won't be back in a while. Be mature and take care of this house. Fag" Lukas picked his stuff and before he left he hit Jake in the stomach. Jake collapsed on the floor, he watched as his dad slammed the door.

Time skip

Devons POV

I sat in my room watching the movie, it just ended. Devon then thought of the movie he, Jake and his mum could watch together.

He only thought about crime movies, which he didn't know if Jake liked them too.

Time skip, Devons mum is back from work.

Devons POV

I was struggling on finding a movie the 3 of us would enjoy. It made me realize that I don't know a lot about my own boyfriend.

I hear a light knock on my door. "Come in." I said while looking up at the door.

The door opened and my mum stepped in. She sat on the corner of the bed. "When do you wanna do the movie night?" She asked me. "I don't know, how are you working?" "I'm free tomorrow, is that okay?" "Matters if Jake can." She nodded, we stared at each other. "Are you gonna text him or?" She asked laughing softly. "Ah, right!" I took my phone out and texted Jake.


Damn keyboard

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