part VI

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3rd POV

Jake looked at who is calling, it was...

his dad.

'Shit' Jake thought to himself.

"Who is it?" Devon asked before he was shushed but Jake.

Jake answered the call and got up from the couch walking farther away from Devon.

"WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" Lukas yelled. Even Devon could hear it. His eyes widen.

"I- uhm... I'm at a friends place.." Jake said under his breath. "I TOLD YOU TO TAKE CARE OF THE HOUSE, GET BACK HERE NOW YOU FAG!"

Devon stared at Jake, concerned.

"Okay, I'm sorry.." Jake hung up, he looked over at Devon.

"Who was it?" Devon asked again, getting up and walking towards Jake.

"No one." Jake sighed, "I have to go." He said grabbing the backpack.

Before he left he grabbed Devons face and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for tonight." He ran off and grabbed his bike, biking away as fast as possible. "Yeah.." Devon mumbled.

Devon watched as his boyfriend left. He then closed the door.

With Jake

Jake finally got home and puts the bike where it belongs. He rushed into the house.

He looked around worried about what was waiting for him. Lukas came up behind him and punched him in the back, making the curly haired boy fall to the ground.

"Took you long enough. What did I tell you?!"

..."to take care of the place." Jake mumbled.

"and what did you do?" Lukas asked grabbing Jake by his hair. Slightly raising him up from the floor.

"Go to a friends place.."

Lukas thrown Jake down on the floor.

"Give me that phone, let's see who you were with." Lukas ordered.

Jake froze. 'Shit.'

Jake slowly took his phone out and handed it to his father.

Lukas grabbed the phone, unlocking it. He opened the messages.


Jake was praying that he wouldn't notice anything about the texts with Devon but unfortunately for him...

"What the fuck his this about?!"


"Who is Devon and why are you two texting each other 'love' messages."

... Jake didn't answer and just looked at the floor.

"You disgust me, fucking faggot. I don't want you around that shit or I'm gonna kill you and that boy." Lukas said picking up Jake and holding him again a wall.

"O-OkAYy.." Jake yelped.

Lukas let go of Jake, "GO TO YOUR ROOM"

Jake snacked the phone back and ran upstairs to his room.

The slammed the door shut and sat on the bed.

Jake couldn't break up with Devon. He just couldn't. But he had to.

He took the phone and texted Devon



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