part VIII

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3rd POV

"...y-yeah! Sure.." Jake answered Devon.

"Great! How about today?"

"It matters what my dad says."

"Message me if you can!"


"Should I come pick you up? I have a plan on where we can go and we can sleep over and then we can—"

"Chill, we can do everything you want. Okay love?" Jake said as he kissed Devons cheek then walked away.


The rest of the school day was boring, nothing happened.

After school Jake got home and went to his father.


"What's wrong?"

"Could I go out with Devon today?"

Silence filled the room for a while.


"Oh, thanks dad. He will pick me up anytime."

Lukas nodded.

Jake then ran upstairs and took his phone out, immediately texting Devon.


My dad said yes :D

I'll be there in 5 mins.

Only 5-

Yeah! I planned a lot of stuff for us to do.

Can't wait.

Same, see ya :))

See ya<3

Jake decided to not be late this time and get ready in time. He changed into more comfy clothes and sat on the bed.

In less then 5 minutes, Jake heard his dad call him.


"Coming!" Jake said as he grabbed his phone and ran down stairs.

Jake opened the door and saw Devon standing there, Jake hugged Devon tightly and Devon did the same.

"Ready to go?"

Jake nodded in reply. He then looked back at his dad and noticed him smiling. Jake smiled as well.

"Bye dad."

"Bye Jake— Also." Lukas stopped.

"Be careful with my son, got it boy?" Lukas said, giving Devon a death glare.

Devon glupped, "got it sir." Devon grabbed Jakes hand and ran off.

"Your dad creeps me out." Devon said with a soft giggle.

Jake giggled to what Devon said. "So where are we going?"

"You will see.."

Some time later

The 2 boys had gotten to a museum. Devon knew Jake loved art so he took him to an art museum. Jake looked over at Devon to see him already looking at him. "Ladies first." Devon jokes around.

"Haha, you're so funny." Jake sarcastically says as he enters the museum, Devon following him.

They both bought tickets and started walking around the museum. Jake was captivated by every little thing in there, it made Devon smile.

"Look at that!" Jake said, pulling Devon to a statue. Jake looked at it remembering the statue he was working on but his dad destroyed it.

"What's wrong?" Devon asked looking over at Jake.

"Nothing, let's move on!" Jake said pulling Devon to the next thing he saw.

After they wandered around the museum they left to the next location. It was a restaurant. Devon walked in and asked for a table for two and followed the waitress to their table. They both sat down and took a look at the menu.

I'm gonna post this now because I didn't post in a while so the date will continue in chapter 9. Also it will be a long chapter as an apologie. <3 Thank you for 1k reads!

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