part II

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3rd POV

Jake knew that he wasn't allowed to tell anyone about that.

"Then what happened to your nose?"
"I fell"
Ms. Evens knew he was lying but decided to let it slide.

Logan came in. Jake sat up and ran to Logan hugging him.

"Was he drinking?"
"Seems like it."
"Okay, thank you."

At Juniors place

Jake arrived at the house he will stay for god knows how long. He entered and was greeted by a hug. Bree asked if he needed anything but Jake politely declined all the offers.

Junior was watching everything. He wasn't very happy that Jake was staying over. He was actually disappointed.

"This is your room for now, god.. the bathroom is down the hall. Call us if you need anything okay?" Bree asked, making sure to make Jake feel like home.
"Yeah, thank you."

Bree left the room. Jake sat on the bed and let his cat out of the little box he was in.

Vinx jumped on one of the beds and sat down. Jake layed on the other bed and fell asleep.


Jake woke up and got dressed. He exited the room and went down stairs where Bree, Logan and Junior were sitting.

"Good morning!" Bree said.
"Morning." Jake responded as he sat down at the table.

After they ate breakfast, they got in the car and Bree took them to school.

Jake and Junior got out the car and wave goodbye to Bree.

Jake went to his locker and put his backpack in, grabbing the things he needs for the next period.

As he closed the locker door, Devon scared him.

"I'm sorry about your dad, hope he gets better."
"well, we don't talk a lot-"
"We don't talk at all." Both Jake and Devon giggled.
"My dad died when I was 9 and I would have made it without my friends. So just so you know, I'm here for you."
"Thanks" Jake hid his face trying to not make it visible that he was blushing.

Devon then walked away waving goodbye. The rest of the day was pretty boring.

I forgot to say he got invited to the party 😨

Time skip after school.

Jake was getting ready for the party. He had no idea what he was planning on being but he needed to think of something quickly.

Nothing. He had nothing on his mind. Well except for Devon. Devon was always on his mind, it didn't matter of the situation he was in.

It was almost time for the party and Jake still didn't have a costume. But, then he got an idea. He went into Brees room and got some makeup and made himself some face bruises on his face. (see what I did there 🤭)

It looked pretty real so he was happy with it. He went back in his room and sat on one of the beds.

His phone got a notification, he checked it and noticed it was from Devon.


See you @8?



He was happy that he got a text from Devon. Like, the Devon Evens he likes and loves.

The party begins in a bit and Jake heard Bree call out for him.

"Jake, the Uber is here!"

Jake got up and went down stairs so, he would catch the Uber. He did catch it. Junior didn't like that, he didn't want Jake around him.

As soon as they got there, Junior got out and went inside. On the other hand Jake got out and stood outside for a bit.

He heard his phone again. It was Devon!


See you @8?


You here yet?

Yeah, I just arrived.
Where are you?

Inside, near the kitchen. :)

Okay :))

The little smiley face that Devon put on the message made Jake very happy.

He then made his way inside.

With Junior

Junior went inside. He then asked some girls if they know where Lexy is.

"Do you know where Lexy is?"
"She's up there." a girl responded.

Junior then made his way into the room and saw Lexy. She was smoking. Junior sat on the bed next to her.

"So, what's you costume?"
"I'll put it on in a bit!"

I don't wanna describe what happened next. (not anything dirty, they are minors)

With Jake

Jake made his way inside. He was looking for the kitchen, then he saw him.

Devon was near the kitchen, he had some fruit punch in his hands. Jake then walked up to him.

"Devon, you look great!"

Devon eyes darted to Jakes. They made eye contact for what felt like forever.

"Thanks, you too."

As they were walking around, talking about god knows what. Oliver pushed both of them in a closet. Then closing the door. It had a sign on it saying HELL

"Five minutes in hell!" Oliver yelled

Everyone started cheering.

"God dammit Oliver, let us out!" Jake tried opening the door.

Devon on the other hand, did nothing.

"We can just wait it out. It can't hurt, right?" Devon said trying to calm Jake down.
"You're right."

Devon turned on his flash light so they could actually see what was going on, then sat on the floor. Jake did the same.

"Woah, that looks so real." Devon said, while putting the flash light near Jakes face, not in his eyes tho. That would blind the poor boy.
"Thanks." Jake laughed.

Their faces were pretty close one to each other, until...


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