part VII

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3rd POV


Lukas banged on the door. Now it may have seemed Lukas gave no shit about Jake but that wasn't true. (not taking his side)

Lukas was hurt, the accident made him realise that he was so careless and selfish. Jake was the only thing he had left from him wife and he couldn't bare to loose it.

Devon sat down in the chair and took out his phone. He couldn't really see what he was doing due to the tears in his eyes. He messaged his mother, telling her where he is so she wouldn't worry.

Time Skip After Jake was stabilised

Hours later, Jake was finally stabilised.

The nurse opened the door and moved aside so the other nurses could get out, after they all left the nurse cleared her throat.

"You may go see him."

Immediately Lukas and Devon jumped up from the chairs and ran inside, pushing the nurse aside.

Both Devon and Lukas sat on each side of the bed. Devon wanted to grab Jakes hand but then remembered Lukas was there.

Devon looked up at Lukas and noticed that Lukas was crying. Seems that the guilt finally got to him.

The only person Lukas had left from his wife, the person he thought how to walk, the person who was always there even tho he wasn't. He felt miserable.

Time Skip

Jakes eyes slowly opened. After a few seconds he realised he was in the hospital, he looked around seeing machines everywhere around him, seeing his father and Devon sitting by his side. He felt guilty for not talking to Devon, or at least telling him what happened. He reached out to grab Devons hand.

Devon was sleeping, since he was in the hospital for hours. Suddenly he felt a hand in his. He quickly opened his eyes and noticed Jake was awake.

"Jake! Oh god, I'm so glad your okay!" He jumped out the chair getting a pretty good grip of Jakes hand.

Jake opened his mouth wanting to say something but he heard his dad.


He looked over to his father, Lukas was crying.

Lukas sat up hugging Jake.


Devon let go of Jakes hand and backed away.

"We will talk about this when you get out of here." Lukas said, giving a dirty look to Devon. Devon got nervous.

Once Jake got out the hospital

Finally, Jake was released from the hospital. He got home with his dad, his dad closed the main door, Jake tried to sneak away upstairs but Lukas called his name. "Jake." "Y-Yeah?" Jake mumbled.

"I'm sorry." Lukas hugged Jake tightly, "I've been a horrible person and an awful parent. You're everything I have. I can't bare to loose you, Jake."

Jakes eyes widened and teared up. 'Was this really happening?' Jake questioned himself but he didn't hesitate to wrap his hands around his dad, holding him tight. He missed hugging his dad, last time he did it was before his mum died.

After the hug, Lukas backed up. "Kid, about that boy, Devon." Jake got worried hearing the name of the boy he loved. "Do you really love him?"


"Be honest, son"

Jake hearing his dad call him son and not fag or faggot made him lighten up a bit.

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