part IV

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I wanted to say that some says passed since Jakes dad fell 💀

Jakes POV


the phone rang.

"Who is it?" Devon asked.
"Don't know, let me see."

I pick my phone up and take a look. It was the emergency number (911 😭). I pick up immediately, I had a feeling it was about my dad.

. . .
"Okay, thank you."

I hang up and put the phone down.

"Sooo?" Devon leaned closer to me.
"It's about my dad. He is being released tomorrow."

I'm not very happy that I am going to stay around my dad, again.

"Oh, that's good!"
"I suppose.."
"What's wrong?"
"nothing. Let's finish our project"
"Alright.." Devon had a worried tone in his voice.

Why was he worried about me?

Hours later

We just finished the project. It was only 6PM so we decided to watch a movie.

I bearly watch anything out of the movie. I was staring at Devon like the creep I am. In the same time I was thinking about my dad.

After the movie

The movie was over, and Devon had to go home. I told him that he can take Juniors bike and give it back tomorrow at school.

We grabbed the bikes and I took(?) Devon home. We were talking about the movie we watched. It was embarrassing for me since I didn't really watch it.

3rd POV

They were almost at Devons place. Suddenly they both stopped.

"This will do!"

They both smiled.

"I'm glad your dad is okay. Now you can go back to normal!"
"Yeah.. It's just that..."
"Just that?"
"I don't really know what normal feels like"
"I feel like that all the time."
"You do?"

Devon nodded. The two boys just stared at each other for a while.

"What are you thinking Devon?"
"I'm thinking... this is a problem we can solve together."
"O - Okay."

They look in each others eyes, then both lean in slowly. They're lips touch. Jake pulls away quickly and both of them laugh. Then they lean in again. They kissed again, this time Jake puts one of his hands on Devons shoulder. Devon lost balance and fell backwards making the kiss end. They both laugh it off again.

"bye Jake." Devon said before biking to his place.
"See ya Devon." Jake never felt to happy. His heart blew up inside him.

Time Skip The Next Day

Jake walked back into the house he grew up in. His dad got out of the hospital and Jake didn't like that.

He went up to his room and put back all his stuff back in place. He heard the door slam shut. It was Lukas.

Jake went down stairs to see his dad, Lukas had bandages around his head.

Lukas sat down on the couch and turn on the TV.

"Hey dad."


"Don't talk to me you faggot"

Things are back to 'normal' now. Jake frowned and went back up to his room.

He sat on the bed, suddenly he heard his cat meowing. Seems like he forgot to let Binx out the cage. He went over to the cage and unlocked it, freeing the little fur ball. The curly haired boy sat back on the bed. He took out his phone and messaged Devon.


Hi Devon.

Jake, hi!
How's your dad?


What's wrong :(

Nothing, I'm just bored ;D

Oh, alright!

Jake and Devon chat for some time. Devon was Jakes only happiness, the curly haired boy couldn't imagine living without the twink (💀) I mean Devon.

Jake couldn't stop thinking about the other day.

No cliffhanger 😍 ALSO really short


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