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Never-ending Story - (Jevon) by -birthcontrolpills
Never-ending Story - (Jevon)by -birthcontrolpills
Jake gets letters from a strange secret admirer... started: 12/25/21 finished: 2/1/22 [this book is ONLY published to wattpad, if you see this book on any other website...
Chucky series groupchat (Slow updates!!) by Worshipjevon
Chucky series groupchat (Slow 💣🔪
Hidey-fuckin-ho has made a groupchat (Sorry, but slow updates because school is hell and gives me homework over weekends/schooldays/breaks) Started: 11/22/21 Finished:...
Chucky the Series Chatfic by Random__Creator205
Chucky the Series Chatficby joliver is cannon
Just the main characters texting eachother
Chucky Oneshots :) by Jevonisendgame
Chucky Oneshots :)by Jevonisendgame
Jevon and Joliver and Maybe Jexy gay sh!t
Suicide Love by breadandgumballs
Suicide Loveby Lucy Goosey 🦆
a boy, curly hair,brown eyes,grudge style. His dad is a abusive alcoholic and the boy seems like he doesn't have anything in his life to thrill about but when he goes...
chucky episode 8 but devon actually dies  by lmao_grayson
chucky episode 8 but devon grayson !!
um yea so basically Devon died in the fire and this is how Jake reacts
ʚ jevon ɞ by kyisms
ʚ jevon ɞby kiggy
✿❀ jevon oneshots ✿❀
Always and forever by Slut4billieeyelash
Always and foreverby yesimakelemonssowhat
This story contains depictions of self harm, abuse and homophobia. If any of these things trigger you this may not be the book for you unfortunately.
Fandom Oneshots by tester112
Fandom Oneshotsby FlusteredMushroom
INCLUDES RARE SHIPS! This is a oneshot book. This includes a variety of fandoms. It doesn't have to be a ship, but just a story. If you want to request anything the firs...
one day(jevon devon + jake)<3 by luvblaze
one day(jevon devon + jake)<3by 🎸
this is based off the chucky series, i dont own these characters !! updating every-time i have motivation (fluff) not doing smut or angst cause i can't write sad also i...
jevon oneshots (jake + devon)  by luvblaze
jevon oneshots (jake + devon) by 🎸
one shots of jevon !! jake wheeler and devon evans :)) check out one day (another book of mine) on my page !
Chucky Series oneshots by Worshipjevon
Chucky Series oneshotsby 💣🔪
Jake×Devon Junior×Oliver Lexy×Fem!Oc
It's okay to trust by mainbard
It's okay to trustby main bard
After the fight against chucky and the lost of Junior, the kids will need to allow themselves to trust other people again but this task might be as difficult as fighting...
🤩Hackensack People🤩 by s_a_d_i_x
🤩Hackensack People🤩by s a d i x
This is a Chucky TV chatfic but if nobody dies 🤩 except for the parents because y'knowww.... ✨ANGST✨ People in the group chat: Jake Devon Junior Lexy Oliver Chucky Ship...
Twice the love, Double the simping by Random__Creator205
Twice the love, Double the simpingby joliver is cannon
Lexy dares Jevon and Joliver to go on a double date
2 Boys, a Spoiled Rich Girl, and a Killer Doll. by MissBobaWizard
2 Boys, a Spoiled Rich Girl, and MissBobaWizard
What I imagine would happen after episode 4 of the Chucky Series (NOT CANON) Chapters will probably be short. I may use plot lines from the show, but also stray off into...
I miss you like a little kid//Junior And Jake//Jevon by joissoswaggy
I miss you like a little kid// Jo<3
NOT A SHIP ((slow burn, angst)) This is a slow burn about the growing friendship between Jake Wheeler and Junior Wheeler as well as a relationship between Jake Wheeler a...
BUST YOUR KNEE CAPS, chucky (series) imagines  by ioveteo
In which I write imagines about characters from the new chucky tv series! Started: 11/28/21 Published: 11/28/21 Ended:?