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I ended up in some sort of house, tied to a chair with duct tape strapped all over my mouth. Where was I? It was dark and the only source of light was coming from the moon which shone in through the splintered glass window.

Footsteps echoed around the house, until I heard a voice,"Well, hello boyfriend stealer, Natalie." It was Hannah.

I looked at her with wide and fire filed eyes. Why would she do this? I know she hates me but why? Why? "

She walked towards me and ripped the duct tape of my mouth,"There, now I can hear you say your sorries." Hannah giggled mentally.

"Why Hannah?" I mumbled breathless. The tears kept coming, trails of wetness, like a never ending river of salty tears.

Hannah ran her fingers over my stinging lips,"I warned you to stay away."

"Hannah you know that he loves me-" I got cut off my Hannah hitting me across the face.

"If I can't have him, what's the point of you having him!" She screamed, spit flying from the corners of her mouth. She took a deep breath and sighed,"Oh Natalie, you just don't understand. He was meant to be mine, you should have just listened, then you wouldn't be here and Thomas would still be alive." Hannah smiled disturbingly. Hannah held a knife to my neck.

"Wait. Hannah you killed him. Why do you always take away the things that I love the most? Hannah why? Why?" Light sobs escaped from my mouth.

"I'M JEALOUS! Ok! I'm jealous of you, you've got all the boys after you! Your beautiful, smart, brave and everything that I want to be. When ever you walk into class Zac and Troy stare at you, and not just your face. You don't get it, what its like to be popular, everyone expecting high things from you. I hate it." Hannah started crying.

"Hannah, your beautiful and smart. I use to look up to you, when we were younger, because you were so nice and so positive but than you changed and we moved apart. Hannah I get it, I get how you want to impress them, to show them your brave. I get it. I cut myself everyday because I can't handle it, I'm not brave or strong. I wish at least 12 times a day that I was dead, I even have a book dedicated on to how I want to kill myself, because I can't take the crap you do and say. I just can't. Hannah what your doing is wrong, and your so much better than this, I know Hannah."

Thomas's POV

Thank god the man missed, or I would've been dead. I picked up speed as I ran. I ran for my life. Natalie is in danger, the girl of my dreams, the one I love.

I turned to a left and ran up the driveway of my house, I scrambled inside. Mum and dad were at work but Ava was on the couch.


"Ok," Ava jumped from the couch and ran to the phone, she threw it at me.

I dialled the police,"Hi, my girlfriend Natalie Green was kidnapped. About 15 minutes ago. Ok, thank you." I hung up,"They are on their way." I sighed.

"We have to do something." Ava perked up and grabbed my car keys,"Go, I will stay here, I'll ring you when they come, Natalie told me that you put the tracker on her phone, so see where she is."

"Yeah, I did, and ok, I'll be back." I took the keys and ran out the door to my car. I unlocked my phone and tracked Natalie's phone. She was only 2 blocks away. I quickly ran back inside and scribbled the address down,"Ava tell the police to go here. She's there."

"Ok." She replied and grabbed the phone. I nodded and jumped into my car. I zoomed down the street to where the map said she was.

Natalie's POV

"Natalie, you don't know anything. I suffer as well, my parents think so much of me, always making me do extra curricular activities and this show and I can't handle it. That's why I do all that stuff to you, because I want to let the pain out on someone else. I can't handle it anymore. I just can't-" Hannah took the knife away from my neck and held it to her chest.

"Hannah please, stop! Don't! Please! Hannah, your better than this! Please don't do its-" I cried.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for everything I've done. I'm so so so so sorry." She sniffled than pushed the knife into her chest. She crumbled to the ground.

"NO!" I screamed, tugging on the ropes that strained me to the chair.

Just in time the police busted threw the door along with Thomas by their side.


"Shh, Nat it wasn't your fault, calm down." Thomas rubbed my back.

"She- it- I.. I just can't.. She didn't deserve it- she didn't deserve it." I cried harder into Thomas's shoulder.

"Shh, Natalie. Look at me," Thomas held my chin up and made me look him in the eyes,"I know, she didn't deserve it. But it's going to be ok. We're going to be ok. Remember that, as long as we've got each other we are ok." Thomas lightly kissed my lips, and I kissed back.

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