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Natalie's POV

I woke up to my alarm clock pounding. I clicked the button and walked towards my en- suite. I undressed myself and got into the shower.


I wrapped a towel around myself and walked into my bedroom. I walked towards my full body mirror and took off the towel. I scanned my thighs and how the cuts have healed but are still viable and will be completely invisible in about 2 days or so.

I dried myself and walked towards my wardrobe. I put on my undergarments followed by a pair of high waisted denim pants, a white flowy singlet and an army green jacket. I slipped on my black doc martens and put on my gold watch and gold eye necklace. I applied some light makeup and tied my shaggy hair up into a pony tail. I grabbed my bag and walked down stairs with a smile on my face.

"Good morning mum." I pulled her into a hug and she looked at me with a shocked face.

"Argh... What happened to my daughter?" She looked at me with a confused look.

"She was a horrible person and she's gone. Forever." I nodded.

"Oh wow! This is just... WOW! I'm so happy Nattie! Also is that Thomas boy, are you and him?" My mum squealed and hugged me.

"Aha, ok mum and yeah." I giggled and got out of her grasp.

"Oh I'm so so so happy Nat!" She squealed.

"Aha thanks. I gotta go to school." I waved and walked towards the kitchen. I gave Wendy a quick hug and ran out the door.

There waiting at my driveway was Thomas, my cute little boyfriend. I giggled at the sight of him. I actually giggled like full on giggled.

"Let's go." I smiled.

"I'm sorry but who are you? The girl I know wears nothing but black." He sniggered.

"Shut up!" I playfully pushed him and he chuckled. Tom wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked together to school.

Thomas's POV

Her warmness and happiness bounced off her and onto me. She was glowing with colour and almost everybody noticed as we walked into school with out arms wrapped each other.

I felt like I could be a king or Obama or something like that. Everyone made room for us and stares and whispers were thrown at us. I didn't mind as such but Natalie looked like she could have a nervous breakdown. I wrapped my arm around her waist tighter and kissed her temple. She turned her head towards me with a worried look on her face.

"It's ok." I smiled at her.

"I know. I know, it's just I've never gotten this much attention in well... Years." She chuckled and looked down at her shoes as we walked. We stopped in front of her locker and I leaned against the locker beside hers watching her as she took out her books.

"Everyone's watching." Natalie sighed and I nodded.

"Their just jealous that I have you and they can't do this." I grabbed her by the waist and pressed my lips upon hers. It didn't take long for Nat to react and she kissed back. She slowly pulled away and shook her head.

"They are still staring." She huffed and shrugged. I chuckled and she shut her locker door. We walked to class with all eyes on us and whispers echoing around the mostly silent hallways. The only noises that you could hear were silent whispers and feet moving about.

We walked into the classroom and instead of sitting behind her I sat beside her.

Natalie's POV

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