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Natalie's POV

"Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!" My alarm clock went spaz and the beeping noise echoed around my room. I sleepily hit the white alarm clock and rolled over onto my stomach. I smooshed my face into my pillow and drifted back to sleep, until my mum's voice killed my humble slumber.

"NATALIE YOUR GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL! HURRY UP!" She yelled from down stairs.

"OK!" I yelled back to her and shot out of bed. I walked to my wardrobe and pulled out a black leather crop top, a black cardigan and black skinny jeans. My wardrobe is full of dark and black clothing.

I describe myself as a grunge hipster/punk chick. I wear black everyday and if it's not black it's other dark colours. I was always the weird loner goth girl, I have no friends. Jeez I don't even need friends, I've got books and music.

I slipped on a black pair of heels and put a black hat on my head to hide my bed hair; not that I care but my long brown mop like hair is extremely horrible in the mornings. I applied some makeup and a light red coloured lipstick. I didn't put dark eyeshadow on because that would be over bored and I'm honestly not an emo. I just applied liquid eyeliner and mascara and I was done.

It's funny how my school doesn't care about what you wear or look like at all. Once I wore neon orange lipstick and a neon orange shirt and neon blue leggings; I was into a neon kind of stage back then and only wore neon clothes. But they didn't care.

I grabbed my black leather bag and slung it over my shoulder, I stuffed my phone, keys, purse, earphones, my Eleanor and park book and book of poems into my bag. I quickly slipped on my black cat eyed sunnies and walked down stairs.

The heavenly aroma of bacon filled my nostrils. I followed the sent and sat down at the dinner table. I grabbed a piece of crispy bacon and ate it all. Then I got up and poured myself some water.

"Your going to be late Nat! Quick!" My dad chuckled as he picked up his briefcase. "Do you want me to drive you?" He asked.

"Might as well." I nodded and followed my dad outside to his car. I opened the car door and slipped in. The new car smell and leather smell instantly surrounded my nose.

I buckled myself up and my dad did the same.

"New car?" I asked and looked at him.

"Yep." He smiled and started the engine.

My dad has this thing with buying new cars. He likes to buy the latest model and show it off quite a lot to people. My family is rich, my parents own 2 cars each and we live in a giant mansion. Being the only child is ok... I guess. I get my own room, bathroom, study room and music and book room; where I store all of my books and music albums.

My dad reversed out of the wide stone driveway and drove me to school. I stared out the window blankly and then shoved my earphones into my ears. The Smiths began playing and filled up my ears with their heavenly music.

I don't really talk to my parents. My dad is always busy and at work - this is the only time I see him, on Tuesdays in the morning - and my mum is usually getting her hair done or shopping for the latest beauty product or clothing item. I don't really mind it, because I at least get my space and it's kinda nice to have privacy.

My dad pulled up at my school and I got out of the car. He didn't say anything, he just drove away. I turned my phone up as loud it could go so I could block out all of the deadly and deranged insults that would be thrown my way from the people who bully me. The music was bursting loudly into my ears and my earphones were buzzing and vibrating.

I walked up the stairs to the entrance of hell. Each step was closer and closer to the devil and henchmen (Hanna and her posse) them selves. I got stares and faces pulled at me when I walked through the doors. I kept my head held up and stood my ground. I walked to my locker and unlocked it. I opened the door and took out my text books and notebooks for my first class; English. I shut my locker door and locked it. Hanna walked past me and I read her lips:

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