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Natalie's POV

The next couple of weeks went by, and it was a continuous pattern of hanging out with thomas, home work, movies, sleep, hanging out with thomas, eating, more hanging out with Thomas and more sleep.

Thomas and I were walking back home from dinner with our arms wrapped around each other, until a tall man approached us.

"Give me your money." The man spat.

"Pardon?" Thomas stepped in front of me.

"Give me your money or she gets hurt." The man nodded his head toward me and 4 men came out of the darkness and surrounded us.

"Here." Thomas pulled out his wallet and handed it to the man it.

The man grinned wildly," That's more like it buddy. But I'm still taking the girl."

"Wha- no! No! Please! Take me instead!" Thomas pleaded. I only then realised I was crying and wiped away my eyes.

"Boys take her." The man surrounded me and grabbed me.

"THOMAS!" I yelled, kicking and screaming pulling my arm out toward him.

"NATALIE!" Thomas yelled back and tried to move close to me but the man had him. He held a gun to Thomas.

"I love you." I whispered softly, tears pouring from my eyes.

"I love you too." Thomas mouthed. The men threw me into a car and put a bag over my head and tied my hands.

"No! NO! NO!" I yelled trying to get the rope from my hands, suddenly I felt something cold pressed to my forehead; a gun.

"If you keep this up, I'll turn you into a pool of blood." One of the men said. I kept quiet, listening.

"Let's go!" The man who took Thomas's wallet yelled.

"Wait! NATALIE! NATALIE!" I heard Thomas yelling.

"Shut up!" One of the men yelled back.

"NO! NATALIE! NATALIE! NATA-" Thomas cried but got cut off by a bang.

"Let's go now." The man started the car and I felt people get into the car.

"Your boyfriend should've shut up, then I wouldn't have to kill him." The man sniggered.

Wait.. He killed him? He killed Thomas? Thomas! Thomas! The Thomas I'm in love with?! The Thomas that I loved forever! The Thomas- the Thomas.. The Thomas.. The Thomas who d-died. My Thomas. HE KILLED MY THOMAS, MY ONLY THOMAS, THE THOMAS I WANTED TO GET MARRIED TO, TO HAVE KIDS WITH, TO GROW OLD WITH! MY THOMAS! MY THOMAS THATS GONE! My Thomas! Mine.

Tears clouded my eyes, they streamed down my face. I've never felt this kind of sadness.

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