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Natalie's POV

I woke up to my alarm clock beeping. I fluttered my eyes open then remembered last night. I rolled over onto my side and checked to see if Tom was still there. And sure enough he was. He was fast asleep. He looks so peaceful and cute when he sleeps.

I twirled strands of his hair around on my fingers.

"Morning." He spoke groggily and I laughed.

"Morning." I smiled at how cute he was.

"Do we have school today?" He asked but kept his eyes shut.

"Yeah." I sighed and got up. "C'mon, we gotta get ready. Well you need to go home and get ready." I giggled.

"Oh yeah." He sighed and laughed. "Well, my beautiful girl. I shall see you soon." He smiled and got up from my bed. He stretched and kissed my lips before slipping out of my window.

I shut the window closed after he got out, then walked towards my wardrobe. I pulled out a striped top, a denim play suit and a cream cardigan. I slipped on some black boots and a grey beanie. I applied my makeup and pulled my hair up into a bun.

I grabbed my bag and walked down stairs.

"Hey Nat, do you want me to take you to school?" My dad asked as he opened the front door.

"No thanks, it's ok. Tom and I are walking." I smiled and he nodded. He walked out the front and to his car.

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed an apple.

"Hey Nattie, do you want me to make you some breakfast?" Wendy asked.

"No thanks Wendy, I'm fine." I smiled and she nodded.

"Bye Nat!" My mum came running to me and pulled me into a hug.

"Bye." I hugged back.

I walked out the door and saw that Thomas was talking to my dad. I smiled at the 2 of them laughing and walked over to Tom.

"Oh, hey Nat. I was telling Thomas here about the first time you drove a car." My dad chuckled.

"Yeah, and how you were only 7 and smashed the whole thing into a pole." Thomas laughed.

"Yeah..." I gritted my teeth together and wrapped my arms around Thomas. "Well, dad we better get going." I said.

"Ok, well you 2 have a good day." He said.

"We sure will, you have a pleasant day yourself sir." Thomas smiled.

"I will." My dad smiled back and got into his car.

I pulled Thomas along and we walked to school.

"Your dad's really nice." Thomas smiled brightly.

"Mmm, that's because he likes you." I replied and giggled.


The bell went for first period and Tom and I walked into the classroom together. I sat beside Thomas and Mr Saunders came in.

"Alright class, everyone get into a pair." Mr Saunders said as he sat down at his desk.

I smiled and turned over to look at Thomas. I was about to ask him to be my partner, but then Hannah swooped in and asked him.

"Hey Tom, can we be partners?" She asked with her snooty voice.

"Argh.. I.. Umm," Thomas looked at me and gave me a is-it-ok look. I sighed and nodded because I didn't want him to think I was jealous. "Sure." He replied back to Hannah.

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