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Thomas's POV

I woke up to my sisters giggling. What on earth would she be doing up at this hour?

I checked my bedside table and looked at my white hexagonal clock. It read 3:27am, why would she be up at this time in the morning on a Saturday. It just doesn't make sense. I slipped out of bed and quietly tiptoed down the hallway to Ava's room. I slightly opened the door and peeped through. Ava was sitting on her bed watching 'how I met your mother'. I shook my head and tiptoed back into my room.

I got under the covers and pulled them up to my neck so I could keep warm.

I then dozed off to sleep again.

Natalie's POV

"Nat wake up, it's already 10:42! Also you've got a visiter" A voice scolded at me. I rolled over onto my side and fluttered my eyes open. Visiter?! I shot up in bed and looked at Wendy. Then I followed my eyes to a familiar face.

"Hey." I tried to sound cool and I wiped the sleep from my eyes.

I took a quick glance in the mirror that hung above my desk and I look crap, I look horrible. My hair is messier than usual, I have sleep in the corners of my eyes and a little path of dried drool trailed across from the bottom of my mouth.

"Ok, well Thomas let's just let Nattie clean herself and fix her face. Do you want some breakfast?" Wendy asked and brushed a piece of her black hair from the side of her face.

"Aha sure, and I'd love some." Thomas chuckled and nodded. He looked at me with eyes full of joy and a wide smile attached to his face. Wow he looks cute today, with his blue shorts and cream and gold shirt with matching blue vans.

"Ok, well hurry up baby face." Wendy said and walked out of my room with Thomas by her side. I sighed and shoved my head in the bundle of pillows that sat scrambled and jumbled on my bed.

Thomas's POV

So I thought I would go and visit Nat and to find her asleep still didn't surprise me. I walked down stairs with Wendy there house carer/ maid to a giant marble kitchen.

"Sit." She motioned me to sit down at a large dinning table. I did as told and took a seat. "What do you want to eat hun?" She asked.

"Anything. I don't mind." I replied politely.

"Ok." She nodded and began frying, mixing, stirring and cooking things. I sat there patiently taking I'm all of the colours of the kitchen and looking at every detail of it.

Like the picture of Natalie doing the finger with the words screw you written at the bottom of it. Or the little family pictures; with Natalie wearing black and not smiling on the fridge, and the yoga flyers and hair salon, nail parlour and other beautician notes. There was one picture that caught my eye and I couldn't stop staring at it.

It was a picture of Natalie wearing a bright blue dress and she was smiling. She looked like she was in year 7. But the thing that caught my eye was the fact that she was smiling and wearing a bright blue dress. Not black. But blue.

Just on cue Natalie came walking down the stairs wearing a black joker tank top, ripped denim jeans, a pair of green doc martens, a silver and gold watch and crystal necklace that I thought looked pretty cool. Her hair was let out and swayed as she strode down the stairs. She had darker then usual makeup on; black lipstick and dark eyes. She had an uneasy look settled across her face. She crinkled her nose and crunched her eyebrows together as she walked.

Natalie's POV

My jeans kept on rubbing and scratching my cuts and thighs. I tried to hold in the pain but it was hard. I walked down stairs with my head down and made my way towards where Thomas was sitting. I sat across from him and he smiled at me. I half smiled back.

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