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I woke up confused and blinked a couple of times.Shit were was I? I looked around to find i was in the same room again. All the events that happened came back to me and the only thing i thought was Ben.

'WHERES BEN?!'   I said to myself starting to get scared.

'Hes killed Ben.' Someone said. I looked over to the door to see a man standing there.

'He wouldn't! He said he wouldn't!' i said tears now streaming down my face.

'Yeah, Yeah. so you say.' He said sarcastically and then walked off closing the door.

Matt wouldn't kill a kid right?  At the airport he was really nice to Ben..  If you count letting him hide under your legs then, yeah he was really nice to Ben. Shit if a single hair on Ben's head is touched i will break his arm (Matt's arm.)

WAIT. What about mum and Dave?! Or CLOVER!

I immediately Patted my Pockets only to find they were empty. :l 


I could of rung someone and asked them to get me from here, But where is Here Exactly?

At that moment the door swung open to reveal Matt.

'Ohh, look who it is Mr. I'll Strangle the shit out of you!'

He Looked at me and smiled.  :@

'Hey Beautiful Ur up! I was getting kinda worried about you.' He said in a sweet caring voice but i wasn't buying it.

I snorted, There was no way i was going to let him see me weak.

'Yeah, you were so worried that when you STRANGLED me you might of killed me? Your full of shit.'

He started walking over to me. I looked up at him towering over me. He looked down at me and then smirked.

I wanted to punch that smirk off his face but thought better not to or he might STRANGLE me again. Instead i just said 'What?' His smirk just got bigger and he was looking straight down. Confused i looked down to, to see him looking down my top. Wait THIS ISN'T MY TOP! He realised and said,

'I like you wearing my clothes, You look..... Sexy.'        O_O

I iimeditaly was sick in my mouth but swallowed it.

'DUDE, GET A LIFE!' I screamed at him.

He say down on to bed and i pushed myself back to get away from him which was a bad idea because my back hit the bed post. He just came closer, and closer, and closer until he was right in my face. He stared into my eyes and i stared back into his deep brown ones.

I then looked away. Scared of getting stuck in them.

'Scared are we?' He questioned.

'Yeah. im scared of looking at you because your an asshole who took my brother and then KILLED HIM!' I screamed at him tears running down my face.  );

Something in his eyes flashed again and before i could say anything he had me by the wrist dragging me out of the room. I dug my bare feet into the ground and tried to stay still but he just dragged me more while my feet were sliding along the ground.

'LET GO!!' I screamed at him again.

He just kept dragging me. I stretched my other hand out and caught hold of a door frame. I held it with all my strength and almost immediately he stopped. He turned around and glared at me.

'Let Go.' He hissed.

'NO!' I held onto it tighter.    (:<

He let go of my wrist and started walking towards me, but before he could grab me i ran down the way we came into a room which had a bathroom in it. I spotted a window and slammed the door shut and locked it.

I walked over to the window and opened it.

'CHARLOTTE! WERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!' I heard Matt scream from outside the door.

 Shit.     O:

I climbed out the window and realised the house i was in was surrounded by a forest.

I started running i didn't care if my feet got ripped to shreds. I really didn't. I kept running and running until i was gasping for air.

I sat down against a tree and caught my breath.  I pulled my knees up to my chest and put my head on them then cried.   ];


I must of feel asleep because when i woke up it was dark out and it was a bit creep. I stood up and my necked cracked. Never sleep up against a tree. :l

I stretched then started walking again. 


 I turned around just in time to see four buff guys coming towards me.

I started running again, but this time faster.

'STOP!' One shouted behind me but i kept running.

---------------# AN HOUR AFTER RUNNING.

I stopped to take a break and saw a tall, thick tree with thick branches so I started climbing it. When i got high enough i lay on the branch and covered myself so i wouldn't be spotted. I was about to doze of when i felt something on my leg.

I turned around to see a Caterpillar. I flicked it off and then drifted off to sleep.


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