Mr. I can make you unconscious!

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-Jess<3 x

---------------ღ   Charlottes POV  .ღ---------------

I woke up slowly and my head was pounding.

I opened my eyes and was immediately blinded by the light! @:

'AGGH!'  I closed my eyes again and rolled over.

That was until i realised i was lying on something soft and i felt warm. . .

I did a attempt to open my eyes again but closed them just as fast.

'A bed. wow I'm saved.'  i thought sarcastically.

That was until i remembered what had happened and it all flooded back to me.

I sat up and looked around

The room i was in had white walls, a white floor, a white night stand with a white lamp on it.

'WOW.' i thought to myself.  'Someone must like the colour white.' i thought again.

I'm not joking the WHOLE room was WHITE.

I heard foot steps coming closer and sat back down and pulled the covers over my head and decide not to make snores nosies. ( That would give it away!)

MWHAHAHAHA! I'm so evil (:<

'GOOD! YOUR AWAKE!'  A voice shouted in my ear.

Shit. i knew i should of made snore nosies.


'Seriously.' He asked?

I mumbled something like 'Get the fuck you mars bar killer.'

'Get up.'  the voice said.


'Get up.' it said again a but louder.

I didn't move.

'Get up!' The voice said a bit louder.

I still didn't move. I held my breath until it went all quiet and slightly peeked one eye open to look around.         O_O

'AHA!!'  A face suddenly appeared in front of me and i screamed up at a good looking boy. He had brown hair and green eyes..

WOOOOOOW, i thought to myself. I really am a slut.

'SHUT UP!!  FUCK SAKE!! JESUS DARLING!'  I recognised that voice from somewhere.

I looked over to the door and saw....



Not really (:


And saw Matt himself.

Wait.... If he got me,


'DUDE WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?!' I screamed at him.

He just smirked.

'Jason you can leave go see if the kids alright.'  Matt said to im guessing jason.

'Matt....' i said as calmly as i could.

'Wheres Ben!?'

'Ohh don't you worry hes safe.......' he said   'For now.' 

My heart dropped and so did my calmness.

I got up and stormed over to him.

'Awwh, whats wrong did the wittle girl get lowst?'  Matt said in a baby voice.

I slapped him as hard as i could and regret it soon after because my hand stung and i was being held up against the wall by the throat.

'Let go!'  I gasped clawing at his single hand that held my throat.

He laughed in my face and brought his really close.

'Apolagise.'  He whispered.

'No!'  I gasped but his hand tightened.

'You sure about that.'  He asked gripping tighter.

'YES!' I screamed using the last of the oxygen i had left.

I felt the colour run out of my face and my throat went dry.

I saw black spots come up in my vision and soon after everything else went black.

'You Bastard!'  I gasped

And i heard him chuckle before i feel unconscious.


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