Wormery! (Edited)

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Chapter 2

I stepped out of the shower, feeling amazingly fresh. I felt like I had so much energy, there was even a bounce in my step!

I walked across the hall, clutching my towel and made my way to my room. Once there, I shuffled threw my nearly empty wardrobe and pulled out a pair of white jean shorts and a yellow floaty top, changing into my clothes, I threw my head forward shaking out my hair.

The hair dryer had been packed away in one of the thousands of suitcase's that were been dragged out of the house and into the car.

I placed a couple of beaded and thread bracelets onto my wrist, making sure to grab a hair bobble, and wondered around the room searching for my tanned socks, (they were tights but I cut the foot bit off them) and my white and yellow flats.

I grabbed my lime green Ipod Nano, off the window and once I was ready, I started making my way out of the room. While I was passing, Mum's room, she called me back. 'Can you get Ben and put him in the car while I finish packing?'

‘Sure!’ I agreed, shoving my Ipod into my back pocket. I went on a search for, Ben, the little devil could be hiding anywhere! I looked everywhere I could thought a one year old child would be, and just as I was walking past the back door, heard the faint sound of my little brothers laughter.

Stepping out, I scanned the garden with close eyes, AHA! I crept up to the garden shed, peaking around the corner.


Ben had managed to tip mums composted wormery over, and was munching on a rotten potato peeling. Worms were scattered everywhere, and wiggled along, Ben's body.

I wiped off, what dirt I could from his shorts and carried him into the kitchen, I washed Ben's hands in the sink, making sure to clean his face.

That was when I realised there was a big pink creeper about to wriggle itself into, Ben's ear.

'Ewe, gross.' I shuddered and peeled it off.

'Me likes the snakeys chalet' Ben told me, wriggling in my arms. There was still a bit of dirt on Ben's, shorts, but that wasn't coming off anytime soon.

'Well Benny, me likes when I'm getting a hug from my little monster.'


'You're the monster little man.'

'I not little, can i huggle wit choo?'

'Sure you're not Benny, and yes we can huggle.'

'You like my huggles more than Aden's huggles?'

'Yup, my little mans huggles are the best!'


Ben snuggled into me, wrapping his arms and legs tight around me. His head was tucked into the crook of my neck, and his soft breaths that were hitting against me, told me he was sleeping.

I was finally at the car, Dave, Mum's boyfriend, was making more space in the trunk of the car.

He looked up at me and then at Ben and then back at me, a genuine smile was on his face and the corner of his eyes crinkled, he opened the car door for me as I ducked down under the roof.

'Little monster's tired out’ I told him, sitting, Ben, into his car seat, I strapped him in and kissed his little curls, softly closing the door. He was a little cutie when he was tired, but in reality he was quite an evil child.

Mum came down a little bit afterwards, looking slightly worn out, she gave her suitcase's to Dave, who put her stuff in the boot, I slipped into the car, beside, Ben. Mum got into the front and finally, Dave got in and started the car, pulling out of the street.

I quickly sent Adam a text.

[ To - Adam xoxx ]

Heeeyo we just left, I didn't get to text back this morning because I was in a rush :O but yeeeah, we are now on the way to the areoport hahaa, I'll text you after okaay? :) I love yoou <3 xxx

We were finally on the road to our family holiday.



This chapter is really short, sorry!

I'll try and write more for the next chapter lol.

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