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Okay, so hey guy's if you have already read this story or you are just about to read it, I am gonna start editing bits and pieces and this story shall be back in business! Thankyou to all my amazing fans who have stuck by me through thick and thin, love you guys! Oh, and heads up, this story has swearing and maybe a tiny bit of sexual content, so be warned. :P

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Chapter 1

'No! Go away!' I squealed.

I was lying down, my head on Adams knee, he was tickling me while I rolled back and forth trying to get away from him. Adam was my boyfriend.

Yes my boyfriend. I loved saying that word!

My names Charlotte, I live in England, oh, and did I mention I'm 17 years old, coming 18 in November. I’ve got bright brown eyes and blond hair, but before you think, no I am not big bad bitch in school that walks around like a slut, that fucks anything with a penis. I'm quite friendly with the popular crowed though but, I'd rather not be in it.

We were sitting on the beach Adam was taking his dog, Bruce, for a walk and I was on my way to my cousins to pack because we were going to Miami. Adam is going on his family holiday too, but he was going to Italy. We were both going at the same day, same date and the same time! For two weeks! Two weeks away from Adam, two weeks away from my friends two weeks with my FAMILY!

I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I took it out and looked at the person calling me,

'Mum?' Adam asked with a roll of his eyes.

She has been calling me for the past ten minutes!


'Aw, don't tell me you have to go already?' Adam groaned, rubbing soothing circles on the back of my hands, 'Well, I could stay for a while if you....' I was cut off by the feeling of his lips on mine. My arms immediately went around his neck, like they had a mind of their own.

Adam moaned in the back of his throat, pulled me onto his knee and moves his hands to my hips, squeezing with just enough pressure to not hurt me. You see Adam was a year older, a year above me too. He had brown shaggy hair that curled its way to the nip of his neck and beautifully tanned skin, flawless from anything spots puberty would give us teenagers. Adams his were an astonishing shade of blue, they weren't dark or just a normal blue, they were Crystal orbs, but sometime they looked hazel, which amazed me. With one look from him, you would faint. I know from experience.. His strong nose, high cheekbones and square jaw made him look dangerously hot and the little freckle (more of a beauty) spot was sat on his cheek, just above his left dimple.

He was truely a gift from god. And that my friends was no joke, speically his kissing skills, nom.

I wrapped my legs either side of him, letting his tongue dominate my own, he grinned through the kiss, pulling me closer. I tightened my grip on him and played with the wispy end of hair at his neck.. god, he was a great kisser.

I felt his lips move from my mouth to my cheek, then he spreading a mountain of tiny pecks around my mouth, jaw and neck. Pleasurable shocks went up my arms around my body and down my legs. Adam moved back to my mouth, kissing me like I was his source of energy, the shocks turned into tingles and I couldn't help but moan quietly. I loved this feeling, this feeling was incredible!

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