'Wanna Ride With Me?'

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Chapter 3

'OHHHA MWWIT DUNALD HAS HLAA TARM EHHA, EHHA OHHH!’ Ben was now singing one of his favourite songs old Mick Donald had a farm.  Dave found this amusing he was now chuckling and singing along. Mum on the other hand she had her arm on the widow with her head resting in it and she was SCROWLING at Dave!

I was looking out to the big blue sea it was unbelievable how blue it was, the sky was blue with a big hot sun and big white fluffy clouds, the sand was gold and I don’t mean all eww and squishy I mean pure gold it looked like glitter. I held onto the railing and leaned over I closed my eyes and smelled the sweet seaweed and listened to the waves hit the beach. Before you think wow what a great holiday, STOP. This was not my holiday.

The car tyre burst and Dave was now getting the spare out of the boot of the car, but where was the spare? AT THE VERY BOTTOM ON THE FREAKING CAR!

At that moment a car horn honked I turned around and saw a red jeep with 4 17-18 year olds in it.


Ogod please don’t tell me what I think he just said.

'Noo thanks, ill pass on the one matey!’ I shouted back.

He shrugged ‘suit, yourself.’

And he THREW a bag of cheese and onion crisps out the window and they hit me right in the head!!

I know there only a packet of crisps but I washed my hair and it was all nice and smooth and shiny and now it'll be all eww and it'll smell funny!

They drove of laughing and calling me chick and babe and shouting stupid comments at me.

10 Minutes after they were gone another car horn honked I turned around to see Clover in her yellow Porsche

‘Hey, Char what’s up?’ she asked putting one of her windows down.

I moved my eyes to where mum and Dave were standing. Knowing Clover she knew what was wrong and she couldn’t help but smile. I knew what she was thinking and she knew it too.


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